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    Software help

    Pretty sad.... (ranting a bit) Did a search on Software and found this thread. I have to say that Ive been pretty much a beer brewer and have dabbled with wine. Now dabbling a bit more. There is some incredible software out there for brewing beer. I assumed that this would be equally...
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    All-Stainless Steel Primary or Secondary Fermenters/Glass or Plastic Carboys?

    Trying to decide myself... I've got an assortment of glass. 3 gal, 5 and 6.5. Weight has started to become an issue for me I have to admit. I also got scared Sh*tless when I read about a guy who basicly shattered his right foot. Yeah the carboy slipped. Been brewing for about 20 years and...
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    doubling a recipie

    I am a bit confused with what to do when you double or more to a recipe. Take this one from Lorena for instance... ------------------------------------------------------------ Welch's Frozen Grape Juice Wine 2 cans (11.5 oz) Welch's 100% frozen grape concentrate 1-1/4 lbs granulated...
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    Raspberry Wine

    Wine looks beutiful. Lush red color. Keeping dark towels over it. There is some sediment that I got from the primary (I could see that it was not going to be a full gal so in taking as much as I could out some sediment came along with it.....). Going to rack again and top off with cheap wine...
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    Raspberry Wine

    Just racked... Well I just racked it. The rasberries looked like a light brown mush when I emptied the bag. Is this what the pectic enzyme does?
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    How many Galons?

    I chose 1. I guess I have not made too much more then 1 at any time because of the space restrictions I have. A 1 gal jug obviously takes up much less space then a 5 gal carboy. I would not be able to make too many if I did it in 5 gal batches....
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    How many Galons?

    I was wondering how many gallons do you usually do in a batch?
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    Raspberry Wine

    Hello all. Starting out making a raspberry wine from The joy of home wine making. Fermentation has been coming along well... forgot to take an initial SG reading :eek: I have to say that this is one very pretty wine. I have a dark towel over it to protect this color :)
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    Hello everyone!

    Thanks Steve. Figured as much. The 'Michael the Snob' got me thinking to how on earth I chose it to begin with..... we were kinda going through a 'phase' over there (at :D People were changing their user names to something sounding more 'empire' kinda sounding... holly...
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello all. My name is Michael Schaap and I'm generally from the site (I am known as Beer Snob there... I know I really tried to be unique with my name here when registering :) ). I used to make some wine and started up again officially tonight. Made a rassberry wine using an...