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    Final Equipment Sale

    Selling the final pieces of my wine equipment.Floor Corker.25.00,Misco brand Refractometer 30.00,Malolactic conversion testing testing equipment including My own setup that was featured in Winemaker Magazine 30.00 and approximately 25 lbs of marbles for topping off you barrels and other...
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    North Jersey wine equipment for sale

    Just give me a heads up on the phone # I sent you.
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    North Jersey wine equipment for sale

    Been making wine for 12 years with another guy(he got me into it).He has serious back issues And I’m almost 69 so we are packing it in.The Malo setup is chromo test but I made a holder platform for the acid standards/wine samples and the litttle glass sample tubes so they don’t get mixed up or...
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    North Jersey wine equipment for sale

    Union,about 10 minutes west of Newark airport.
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    North Jersey wine equipment for sale

    Floor corker,25.00,350 litre(3)fermenter tubs 55.00 each,275 litre(2)45.00 each,beer kegs(3)30.00 each,ferment/storage containers(200 liter)150.00,(100 liter)90.00,(60 liter)70.00,small demijohns 3-5-10 liters,5-7-10 dollars.,refractometer 30.00,malolactic testing setup 15.00.giant food grade...
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    Temp Control - My Latest Build

    Pretty new here on Wine Making Talk ,have been making wine for about 8 years.Just want to give a shout out to my brother firefighters.Retired last year after 26 years in N.J.Great tip for keeping the temp up for MLF.
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    Headspace in the barrel?

    I've been using oak barrels for 8 years and have never tilted except when stirring the lees.My barrel is sitting on a roller setup for that purpose.I do this once a month for the first 4 months.I do make sure the bung is in very tight.If you are not stirring no need to tilt.When topping off...
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    Headspace in the barrel?

    If your wine has gone through mlf why are you using an air lock?Solid silicone bung is the way to go.Also if you want to leave a little space for temp variation top off with argon gas.