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    How can I avoid diluting country wines with water?

    Thanks for the explanation. Now the use of acid is starting to make sense to me. Have a question about Citric acid. I read somewhere that you should only add it after the fermentation is finished. Do you do the same and why?
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    Backsweetening ?

    Thanks! This makes sense to me now also a bit easier to back sweeten as I was using the secondary 😂
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    Backsweetening ?

    You can rack the wine into a primary and not worry about exposure to oxygen?
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    Hi from Iowa!

    Northwest of Des Moines.
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    Hi from Iowa!

    Hi everyone! I can’t really say that I’m new here as I’ve been following this site for a few years now. Last year I got around to becoming a paid member and now a year later I’m finally getting around to introducing myself…..procrastinate much?😂 I got started into brewing in the 90s...
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    Lemon Grass Wine - I'm going for it!

    @ @BigDaveK I’m curious to know what type of yeast you used. I’m planning on making this in the future.
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    Elderberry and the Green Goo.

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    Elderberry and the Green Goo.

    I been thinking about making elderberry wine but with dried elderberry. Would I run into the same problem?