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    Post a photo, any photo

    The pile of rocks below the stake all came out of the hole by the stake. The largest being 12x12x24 but many others the size of a football or volleyball
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    Post a photo, any photo

    This is what you might find in one hole when planting a vineyard. Orange tube at top is 24 inches long.
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    Overwintering Phomopsis

    Well, that stinks… I don’t know anything you can do about it in season other than what you are already doing. Perhaps going through monthly and pruning out any hot spots, trying to minimize the spread. If you do that, be sure to sanitize your pruners either with a bleach solution or with rubbing...
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    New Home Vineyard

    Welcome to WMT! If you scroll down the list of forums, you will see “Grape Growing & Vineyard Forum”. Within this forum, you will find a number of threads which describe the process people have followed in planting their own home vineyards. One in particular to point out is “Vineyard From the...
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    Can this vine survive?

    Definitely true. My potted vines got 1 gallon of water twice a week - three times a week during hotter summer weeks. Make sure pots drain well! I should point out that by 18 months in 5 gallon pots, my vines were busting out the bottoms of the pots… So long term, you’ll need to find a place to...
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    Can this vine survive?

    Grapes are pretty hardy - I think it will re sprout. You’ll want to figure out what ate the buds and then protect the vine appropriately.
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    Hello from Extremadura...

    Spectacular views… welcome to WMT!
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    Sourcing Lodi grapes

    No such license is required. I have bought grapes in both Paso Robles and Carmel Valley from commercial growers without any issues. I do find that growers are generally more receptive when you shop for larger quantities - e.g. a macro bin (which is 1000 pounds plus or minus).
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    Starting a new vineyard

    So Mrs Fox has been a nearly nightly visitor since this video. Spends a couple of hours hunting. How do I know it’s Mrs Fox? Found a den today with four little ones. Hopefully I didn’t scare them off and I’ll get some video of them visiting the vineyard with mom….
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    muscadine winter damage

    Are your vines grafted? If so, the vine growing out from the root is probably not muscadine and should be yanked out. If they are not grafted, I’d probably let all of them grow for a few weeks and then decide. I’d have a preference for the higher buds as they are a year or two ahead of the...
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    Planning for small vineyard in southern Arizona

    You’ve described the setup I used for the first two years of my vineyard. I used 2 GPH emitters but that choice was simply to get the water out faster as other things also need to get watered. The timeframe and frequency really depend upon your local climate and your soil. I’d suggest talking to...
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    Using Dry Ice as inert gas

    I have used dry ice pre fermentation in macro bins as well as 30 and 50 gallon cans. It keeps the temperature of the must down and provides a nice layer of gas. We find that you need to replenish the ice in the container twice a day. As for storing it, it vaporizes rapidly and I find that even...
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    Planning for small vineyard in southern Arizona

    Here is an article I printed out a while back from WBM which gives a pretty good description of when to apply what. Note that this is a different site - but WBM can be a pain to get into at times.
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    Rockshear Intro

    Welcome to WMT
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    Planning for small vineyard in southern Arizona

    Hi Tim I think you are a little early for micro nutrients. With mature vines, the best time for the micro nutrients is after you see the little clusters form and before the flowers open. Now with new vines you want to remove those little clusters so I’d say perhaps two weeks after you see (and...
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    The 2024 crop year

    Well, it was in the 70s today in the vineyard- and headed to the 80s this weekend. My Grenache primary buds along with a few Syrah primary buds are toast. In better news, the secondary buds are all pushing so I should get a crop anyway - just won’t have to thin as much!!! Everything else has...
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    Anyone thinking about scaling up?

    Here’s a listing for a real barrel!!!
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    Vine Protector Input

    If they are second year vines and did well last year, I’d skip the tubes… if you cut them way back, I’d install until any danger of frost is passed and you have decent bud break - say three inches of growth.
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    Vine Protector Input

    In year one, I used them on every vine until the fall when I removed them to help the plants move into dormancy. In year two, I reinstalled them on perhaps 20% of the vines with the decision based upon how aggressively I pruned the vine back. If I cut back to 18 inches or below ( my irrigation...
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    Planning for small vineyard in southern Arizona

    Congrats on getting vines in the ground!! Just commented on another thread so I’ll do the same here - I’m a bit concerned that the canes on your vines will grow out through the holes in the wire and will be compromised. I’d suggest switching to either the milk carton or plastic tube grow tubes.