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  1. my wine

    Honey - third most faked food in the world

    One way to find a local honey source is to do an internet search for a local or county beekeepers association. I am the VP for our local association. Also, there is the online neighborhood market places to try.
  2. my wine

    Grandson took all my bungs out!

    My thoughts ... congratulations! You have discovered a wine making assistant although he is a bit young. It seems he has mastered the first step in tasting wine from a carboy. The next step in his official training might be to put the bungs back. I suggest you delay the wine tasting training...
  3. my wine

    Cranberry wine recipe wanted.

    I added some apples with mine. About 15 or 20 percent apples I recall. And a half stick of cinnamon to make a 4 gallon batch.
  4. my wine

    Other Vanilla extract

    I once added 1 teaspoon of extract to 6 gal of Grenach after fermention had finished. A Wine Lovers medium body kit. Very good after aging 1 year. Became more pronounced after 2 years. I'll do it again but only half as much. As Joe said, less is more.
  5. my wine

    Just introducing myself

    Welcome to the forum!
  6. my wine

    Has anyone made Wine Lovers kits?

    I've made 4 or 5 various reds. All were tweaked slightly and all turned out very well. I have some going on 2 years and they age well so far. I will use them again.
  7. my wine

    Carboy brush for plastic carboys

    Thanks Rocky, great suggestion!
  8. my wine

    Greetings From Finland

    Welcome to WMT! Kits can be interesting. I started out just following the kit instructions. Now I add some of this and that, in primary and/or secondary or while aging. As Joeswine say, a little is a lot.
  9. my wine

    Japanese beetle problems?

    This is great! I have a number of young fruit trees surrounding my bee hives. So this DE approach is something I will definitely try.
  10. my wine

    Hey there. How ya'll are?

    Welcome to WMT!
  11. my wine

    Hallo (Virginia)

    Welcome to WMT! Seems you will have lots of wine making adventures.
  12. my wine

    Any other thrifty wine makers out there?

    There are a number of kit wines that are fairly inexpensive. I'm talking about $50 to $70 each. I've made a number of them and all have been better tasting (to me) than anything I bought over the years from Trader Joes for $8 to $12. In large part it's because the kit producer designs the kit...
  13. my wine

    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    The grape pack came from Finer Wines and I used it once in a Super Tuscan. In the freezer right now. I will put in for a second run and toss it afterwards. It came with grape seeds as well so I'm hoping it will add a little body and a little tannin. The oak would give it more tannin if I put...
  14. my wine

    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    I ordered an MV Cab Franc kit from Midwest Supplies with a 20% off promotion for Fathers Day. Northern Brewers has the discount also. (Only a couple days left on that deal if you're interested.) I should have it by Thursday. It's a 10 liter kit so I consider it one notch above a cheap kit. But I...
  15. my wine

    What are you making and what have you made ???

    My next is a MV Cab Franc. I ordered it from Northern Brewers with a 20% off promotion for Fathers Day. (Only a few days left on that deal if you're interested.) I should have it by next Thursday. It's a 10 liter kit so I consider it one notch above a cheap kit. But I still plan on tweaking...
  16. my wine


    Welcome to WMT!
  17. my wine


    When I need a new appliance I start with Consumer Reports and look at their top 5 or 10 recommendations. I go with the assumption that whatever might have been good 5 or so years ago is not the same thing (company, manufacturing location, design or spec, parts and suppliers, etc.) today. Another...
  18. my wine

    Got out The Beast to till a garden for first time in over a DECADE

    I'm impressed the tires hadn't dry rotted. Enjoy your ride!
  19. my wine

    Cab Franc in Fairfax County, NOVA

    Good luck this year. I think your photo was a duplicate of the other. But t looks healthy.