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    Looking for grape juice recipe

    Post in thread 'Welch's concord with the super-sugar method' I just found your other post. Give this thread a look over. You should find it very helpful.
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    Looking for grape juice recipe

    Do you mean juice as in market style juice? If you're using frozen concentrate I've read 4 cans per gallon is the sweet spot. If using reconstituted I don't add any water. Just use enough litres for my desired gallons. There is very little sediment. My apologies if I've misundertstood.
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    WineXpert Thoughts on Island Mist Black Cherry additions

    That's a great idea. I'm not enjoying my D. B. at all. I'm blending it with other wines after the fact.
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    This looks personal.

    family-owned-wine-business-devastated-after-5000-gallon-wine-tank-destroyed-by-vandal. This ones from my news feed.. It may take you to twitter however.
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    This looks personal.

    Thank you! The link concern didn't even occur to me.
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    This looks personal.

    1730391008662462884 It's a twitter link to a small family winery in my neck of the woods. Happened last night.
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    Kiwi wine

    Hello Chhams, Glad you made it here from the Facebook link. If you're only using around 10 litres of water that's just over 2 imperial gallons unless I've misunderstood as that's a lot of sugar.. Do you have a vessel to hold 5 imperial gallons? That would be a good quantity to shoot for with...
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    Wine Tasting Party - Family, Friends & Homemade Wine

    They all sound lovely. It's amazing what time does for a so-so wine.
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    Fall Rhubarb wine

    I also freeze mine tell I'm ready for it. The first time I bottled 4 gallons and back sweetened 1 gallon with a frozen strawberry daiquiri mix. After a year I much prefer the straight rhubarb but my sis prefers the strawberry. 2nd batch same year I back sweetened 3 gallons with frozen...
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    Foxy wine

    Mousy taint maybe? You usually can't smell it but it's supposed to taste like urine. I don't know. Just throwing it out there for the pros.
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    Using figs??

    I was just going through my canning recipes and I came across pickled figs. It's kinda old school and calls for Xmas spices. Cinnamon sticks, ginger, cardamon etc. That might be fun to experiment with in smaller batches.
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    Other ABV Crafted Series

    I've used several and will buy again when they run the B2G1 deal but I will try the heavier body kits next time. The zin blush was tasty but a little one note (?) I guess. I've never added sugar but I do short the water a bit and added glycerin at bottling time. If anyone can make these kits...
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    Blending and sorbate question

    The jalapeño's almost a year now. Wasn't sure what I was going to do with it other than ruin a plastic carboy. That's a great Idea. I can blend both in a flip top and top off the jalapeño carboy with the remaining mango. Will a few weeks be long enough to tell if it's stable?
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    Blending and sorbate question

    I want to blend a carboy of jalapeño wine (Kmeta @ 2 weeks ago) with about the same amount of an overly sweet mango kit. The mango was bottled according to directions with sorbate about 6 months ago. I did chaptalize the kit if that matters. Do I need to Sorbate the whole thing? Add more...
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    What fruit makes a good ‘red’?

    Equal proportions? I'm embarrassed to admit I have a fondness for red grape concentrate.
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    Bramble Tip Wine - I'm Going For It!

    Wow that was a rabbit hole. I'm trying to suppress my urges for unusual country wines but BigDaveK keeps drawing me in. They are my favourite but my family seems to prefer traditional grape wines. This is on my bucket list.
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    Skeeter Pee into Dragon blood

    Did you ever try this? I added small quantities of brewers best pomegranate with good success to some of my bottles.
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    ABC crafted series is having a good deal.

    Notes say 7 peppercorns and 3 all spice. Not sure if they actually added anything to it. I also added glycerin which probably rounded it out. Hope it tastes as good at the wedding next month as it did a few weeks ago.
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    ABC crafted series is having a good deal.

    I just bottled a medium body zin blush for a friends wedding. It's very tasty. Aged about 8 months. My notes say I added peppercorn and some allspice. I would make again. The Merlot was much better last month than last week but my BiL loves it. I made a mango fruit kit. Good but sweet, my...
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    Lemon Balm Wine - I'm going for it!

    I would be tempted to make an extract so you could have control of additions. That may bump your ABV though which I'm sure you're more knowledgeable than I am.