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  1. Mike Parisi

    WineXpert HELP!!! WineXpert Argentine Malbec -- Forgot to add Oak Chips during primary Fermentation

    OK, thanks. I must have misread it because I made a WineXpert Argentine Malbec kit a few years ago and it included oak cubes, not chips.
  2. Mike Parisi

    WineXpert HELP!!! WineXpert Argentine Malbec -- Forgot to add Oak Chips during primary Fermentation

    Well, not really that I forgot to add the oak chips, which were supposed to be dumped in at the start of fermentation. I misread the label and thought they were Oak CUBES, which would be dded when fermentation is finished. So, to get some oakiness, I will have to add the chips after I rack and...
  3. Mike Parisi

    Degassing in carboy with whip

    When I rack into the carboy, I splash rack. That seems to eliminate a lot of C02. Then I use the drill-mounted whip for 2-3 minutes, changing direction every 30 seconds. I have only been making kits for just over 3 years and have never had a problem with gas after bottling.
  4. Mike Parisi

    Other Italian Red Wine Kits

    I have made several of the Mosti Mondiale All Juice kits and have been very happy. Nero D'Avola is my favorite, but the Nebbiolo is also very nice. I have made the WineXpert Nebbiolo when the juice was from Italy, but the current offering (hasn't shipped yet) is from Cali grapes. I have also...
  5. Mike Parisi


    I don't know exactly what the 4/8 brings it down to, I just think it is around 30% ABV. I just kind of tweaked a recipe someone else gave me until it tasted best to me.
  6. Mike Parisi

    Other Master Vintner Nebbiolo gone sour

    Thanks for the replies. I am kind of perplexed, since he mentioned only one bottle fizzing. And that one wasn't just "sour", he said it was undrinkable. But I did pass along the advice. One question -- should he open the bottle, then put it in the fridge for 3 hours, or put it in unopened?
  7. Mike Parisi

    Other Master Vintner Nebbiolo gone sour

    My brother-in-law made a Master Vintner Nebbiolo kit last winter. Bottled it in January or February. We tasted it in June and it was really very drinkable. But he just told me it seems to be going "sour". He said one bottle fizzed when he opened it and was undrinkable. Other bottles are...
  8. Mike Parisi


    Here is my recipe. Brings it down to around 60 proof: LIMONCELLO Peel from 2-3 pounds lemons, yellow part only (use vegetable peeler) 750ml Everclear 190 proof (Can order it at Total Wine in 1.75 liter bottle) 4 cups sugar 6 cups water Steep the lemon peel in Everclear in a covered glass...
  9. Mike Parisi

    Grommet Problem

    Same thing happened to me on my first batch of kit wine. I just put something over the hole in the lidand let it ferment away. After I racked to a carboy for the "secondary" fermentation, I just retrieved the grommet from the bottom of the bucket and put it back onto the lid. Still using the...
  10. Mike Parisi

    Must has come up through air lock and is on top of plastic bucket lid

    Agree, don't seal the lid. Everything is going through the airlock because there is no place else to go. Leaving the lid just sitting on top of the bucket lets gasses escape. I don't think you will have to transfer any out unless you have it filled really close to the top.
  11. Mike Parisi


    I use Star-San and dip my hands in it whenever I am doing anything with the wine that requires the lid off (fermentation bucket) or airlock off (carboy). I haven't noticed any hand/skin irritation.
  12. Mike Parisi

    Starting specific gravity

    I only do red wine kits and my starting SG has ranged from 1.095 to 1.110. EC-1118 yeast has been included in all of the kits and it ferments them nice and dry.
  13. Mike Parisi


    Hope your recovery is fast so you don't have to be hospitalized. Covid is no joke.
  14. Mike Parisi

    Yeast Nutrient With Kits

    I have made 9 kits, from WineXpert, RJSpagnols, and Mosti Mondiale. The Mosti kit was 6 gallons all juice, the other two needed to add water. The only kit to include a yeast nutriend was the Mosti Alljuice kit. No idea what type of nutrient. Instructions said to stir in the nutrient when SG...
  15. Mike Parisi

    Star San Corks

    I do the same. Put the corks in a container with Star-San and a lid. Shake it up, let them sit in the Star-San a few minutes, then drain off the Star-San. Never a problem corking or uncorking.
  16. Mike Parisi

    Yet another K-meta question

    Not wanting to start a new thread, but have a question: I have had my Mosti Mondiale Nero D'Avola kit (6 gallons) clearing for just over a month. I will rack into another carboy in a few days, and bottle about a week after that. Per the instructions, I added K-meta after degassing, along...
  17. Mike Parisi

    Italian Wines

    Ihave made the following: Nero D'Avola, Mosti Mondiale Alljuice. Loved this kit, making it for the third time (I only started making wine kits in latw 2019). 23 liters of juice, no wwater addition needed. Juic comes from Italy. Super Tuscan, RJ Spagnols. I have one waiting to be made...
  18. Mike Parisi

    Juice Buckets

    I did get it, thanks.
  19. Mike Parisi

    What's for Dinner?

    Home made tamales
  20. Mike Parisi

    Juice Buckets

    Please do send their info. Maybe they will be able to get it. Denver is definitely close to me.