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    AI generated - good fun & fails

    What’s generator you are using?
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    2021 Bordeaux Blend

    @Christopher Anderson , funny you should ask. we just bottled two weekends ago. So the wine was in French oak for almost two years. In preparation for bottling i tested the barrel and also a carboy I had as extra. Wow what a difference. The barrel had settled down a lot but still noticeable...
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    Please help me understand what I bought. 4 head bottle filler

    Thank you all for the help. I replaced the lid/float on the reservoir, all the o-rings, hosing and new silicone cones for where the bottle mates to the filler. I connected it to my AIO as a vacuum source and filled four bottles with water. It worked like a charm. Just have to play with filling...
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    Please help me understand what I bought. 4 head bottle filler

    @crushday , that is super helpful. I will order up a replacement lid/float asap. I will connect everything and do some water trials. I worry the vacuum pump on the AIO is much smaller than the Enolmaster but I don;t know that. Will be interesting to see. Yes, I am very happy with the find. If...
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    Please help me understand what I bought. 4 head bottle filler

    I just bought this 4 head bottle filler. It looks like an Enolmaster but not really. Maybe it was a custom build using Enol heads? They were using it in a Kombucha place and hadn't used for some time and couldn't really tell me much about it. It came with no vacuum pump but I planned to use my...
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    Leaf hopper control advice

    Check out this presentation all about leaf hopper control with organic methods. Spray timing is everything. Link
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    SQUEEZE master

    I bought the next size up, I am sure the same manufacturer but mine was listed as ejwox or something like that. Link here. Have had it a couple of years and no complaints. Seems well made and does everything I needed it to. The only hiccup was the hose fittings were european pipe thread which...
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    My Vines’ leaves are turning red/brown! Help!

    Your local ag extension or local private firms will be able to test for you, get your soil tested and test your leaves. This will tell you if the vine is currently deficient and what soil amendments you need for the future. ‘The ag extension or others in your area will be able to give you a good...
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    My Vines’ leaves are turning red/brown! Help!

    Looks almost lick some black rot on the grapes but usually presents as spots on the leaves .
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    Questions Regarding training systems.

    You can train any vine to any system it just may not flourish. To be clear VSP is still the norm and probably by far the most used system in commercial vineyards. When I say it’s falling out of favour it is because in some climates they can get 10% more production from other methods like lyre...
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    Questions Regarding training systems.

    You have a lot going in your vineyard. I would first look at the growing habit of the particular vine. Usually trailing vines are trained on top wire as they do best hanging down. ‘VSP works well for vines with upright growth habits, but is somewhat falling out of favour as there is some more...
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    Ideal primary fermenter for aromatic whites

    Thank you for the suggestion. I like the ability to stack. I am confined for space. I will get some prices. ‘RT
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    Ideal primary fermenter for aromatic whites

    Hi all, starting to look for equipment to start a boutique winery, about 1200 cases per year. Looking for advice on the ideal primary ferment tanks for my whites which will be mostly Pinot Gris and Gewurtz. I am looking at 1000 to 2000L sized tanks. I know I want chilling capability to keep the...
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    New wine transfer pump

    Good catch Bryan, I was sure I saw one of their models was good grade. Here’s the same style but for certain food grade. It’s likely more Expensive than the first link. Food grade pump
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    New wine transfer pump

    Check out this style of transfer pump. Pump They are inexpensive and run on compressed air , so you need a good air compressor but those are easier to find than an affordable winery pump as shown above. Plus it’s hard to find a winery pump that isn’t 3 phase power. RT
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    White Salmon Riesling

    Following… I did the exact same thing with my PN rose this winter. Reserved about half a gallon of the fresh juice. I did the research you are doing now and in the end used sorbate. The super chilling techniques had mixed reviews. The best solution of course was to sterile filter but as you note...
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    Commercial wineries using exclusively Flex tanks

    Very interesting, how long can you keep your whites in them before any impacts? Do you use oak chips for your reds? RT
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    Overall schedule and # of rackings for barrel aged reds?

    I have been meaning to post to this thread but we all know how busy spring is. I have been re-reading "Post Modern Winemaking" by Clark Smith (excellent book by the way) and this topic was covered. The book details in depth the criticality of oxygen for reds early in their life. They can consume...
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    Mega Purple and Glycerol

    A little twist on the Mega purple conversation. The excellent article below was recently posted in another thread. Red Hybrid Grape Winemaking - One line stuck out to me... As a home winemaker, I made many successful batches using red grape concentrate (1–4% of total must)...
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    Trellis Method for Ortega

    I'm reaching out to all the Ortega growers to understand what training/trellis you use. I am on sandy, sparse soil so excessive vegetation is not a concern. I am considering double gyout or top wire cordon. Can't find a lot of info if Ortega is upright or drooping. Thank you, RT