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  1. Xlev

    Racking using Enolmatic

    Hei Does anyone have any tips how to rack using a Enolmatic bottle filler with a Tandem filter? Im guessing with some extra equipment or a hack it can be achieved but Im not sure how. Does anyone have any tips?
  2. Xlev

    WineXpert Winexpert whites

    Hi I have made some winexpert reds and I think that have been very good.I have made 2 whites and have not been impressed.The latest was the private reserve chardonnay,it smelled amazing but that was just something taste wise which wasnt just right.I have also made a LE white Synergy I think...
  3. Xlev

    Potassium bitartrate precipitation and pH

    It did go though MLF and like tou said time might smooth it out,so will not fo anything until it has come to a year from now and then make the decision. But I was curious about experinces with cold stabilization and pH change.
  4. Xlev

    Potassium bitartrate precipitation and pH

    Hi I have a barbera wine with a pH of 3.82 and TA of 6.9 that I might want to cold stabilize in the future if necessary to make it smoother. Most places that I have read about cold stabilization say that pH 3.65 is the tipping point. The pH value would decrease during cold stabilization if...
  5. Xlev

    Misgivings About Aging...

    There is a nice article on winemakermag but I thing its for subsribers only entitled «Aim for age» The one thing that keeps coming again and again is the anthocyanins (color pigments) and tannins seem to be important for red wine aging. Kit wine...
  6. Xlev

    Misgivings About Aging...

    It would also depend on your storage conditions and temperature,as aging occurs faster at higher temperatures.What is the temp in your cellar?
  7. Xlev

    WineXpert Aroma kit wine

    I am wondering about the aroma of the Winexpert kits. I have made the private reserve chardonnay and it has a wonderful aroma. I have made several private reserve red wine kits and the aroma is just not there for me.I will say that I have tasted after 6 months so it might be early,but do you...
  8. Xlev

    Extremely low TA in Chardonnay

    Im just wondering if its something wrong with either the pH meter or the NaOH solution. How old is the NaOH solution.You can try to normalize the NaOH solution to see if it really is 0.1N. Here are my notes if it helps: TA titration 0.1N solution of NaOH Dissolve 0.4g of NaOH in 100mL of...
  9. Xlev

    Extremely low TA in Chardonnay

    Can I ask how you measured TA?
  10. Xlev

    Stupid, stupid, stupid Beginners mistake. What to do?

    Which kit is it?The winexpert kit comes with sorbate/kmeta together,so if you added that you should probably be ok,and the initial dose of kmeta is quite high. I immagine you have no way of measuring SO2?
  11. Xlev

    Testing the Must

    This is the first time I have done wine from grapes.I have tested TA in the must. I think if you need to adjust the pH that TA can be important to know before you do it,if pH is ok maybe its not super important. If you have the equipment to measure TA why not do it?
  12. Xlev

    Can I wait more than 24 hours after adding Metabisulfite in order to add the Yeast?

    I would say crush destem add metabisulfite and then do cold soak.You can fill some bottles with water and freeze them.Then when they are frozen sanitize them and put them into the must to keep the temperature down.You want the tenperature to be below 59f. Do this as soon as possible because your...
  13. Xlev

    Avante - Fav vinos to use it in?

    That was a nice read thank you. I see you used a lots of skins for 1 kit.If you did it again,would you use the same proportions of skin to juice?
  14. Xlev

    Avante - Fav vinos to use it in?

    Hei Winemaker. I see you have used pomace in the kit,thats exactly what I would like to do this year. How did it work? Did you see any improvement in quality vs what you would expect with just the kit without pomace?
  15. Xlev

    What is your best wine and why?

    Like the questions ask what is the best wine you have ever made and why do you think ot turned out so well?Was is the excellent grapes/kit, was it your process/additions, was it the aging or something else? I can start. I have so far done only kit,with the first wine from grapes coming up in a...
  16. Xlev

    Enolmatic racking to a keg

    Hi I have an enolmatic bottle filler and I would like to bottle half of a chardonnay as it is,and carbonate the other half in a corny keg. What I usually do is that I filter while I am bottling with the filter adapter for the enolmatic,but is there any way to use the onolmatic to filter and...
  17. Xlev

    What is your favourite book on winemaking?

    I thought it might be interesting to see what books about winemaking do you like the best? I can start by saying that I only read Modern Home Winemaking by Pambianchi and I absolutely love it.Reading it for the second time now. I have just ordered 2 more books Red Wine Enology: Tannin and...
  18. Xlev

    Red grape yield after pressing (Barbera/Sangiovese)

    Thank you for all your replies,I might ask for a few more pounds of grapes and take out about 10% to make a rose.
  19. Xlev

    Red grape yield after pressing (Barbera/Sangiovese)

    I dont usually buy rose but I like it when I get it served. Skin packs would be a good idea except you cant get any in europe. If you did go for saignee,how much would you do? 10% or 20%? I have ordered some macerating enzymes as well so hoping to get some extra color extraction out of those.
  20. Xlev

    Red grape yield after pressing (Barbera/Sangiovese)

    Thank you all for your reply.So it seems like that 110 pounds will be just enough for 6gal. Im not sure if Incan order more at this point since I had to preorder in Mai,I will check. But what are peoples thoughts on saignee,is it worthwile getting some extra grapes for that? Im trying to make...