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    Other Vintners Best - fruit wine base (fruit juice)

    Update, I made the VB Elderberry in June, I entered it into the State Fair and it took 2nd Place in Other Berry category. Took it to a birthday party and people loved it. Guess it’s hit and miss with the flavors. Dandelion and Elderberry seem to be the best 2 I’ve done.
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    Hello All

    Anybody see the new Pre-order wine Revelation from WineXpert? Seems it’s $175, free shipping but it only makes 3 gallons. I’ve never seen one offered like this. Premium juice from California.
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    Hello All

    Went to my local wine and beer supply shop yesterday, bought 2 of the new rjs dessert wine kits for $125 a piece, Last year they were $99. I asked about the LE WineXpert Preorder kits and was told they’d be $175 this year, they were $150 last year. Owner told me the shipping expenses just keep...
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    WineXpert Anyone have experience with Winexpert Twisted Mist Limited Editions

    I remember drinking the Pat O Brien Hurricane in New Orleans. Tasted great and about put me on my A$$. 🤣🤣
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    WineXpert Anyone have experience with Winexpert Twisted Mist Limited Editions

    Know this is an old thread but MoreBeer online has these 2022 Twisted Mist Kits for $56 plus free shipping if over $59. I bought the Pina Colada and Hurricane.
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    Vineco What's your take on Island and Niagra Mist kits.

    Lately I’ve be been buying Orchard Breezin kits and they seem to taste more fruitier than Island Mist. I asked my Wine Supply Store about it and she said Island Mist and Orchard Breezin are the same company throwing the same wine kit in different boxes. So now I’m unsure if the difference is...
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    Critique my Muscadine recipe

    Remember great tasting grapes make great tasting wine. Don’t pick them too early. Last year I picked to early and the wine was a little tart.
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    Other Vintners Best - fruit wine base (fruit juice)

    I just bottled VB Peach and Strawberry. The peach is really good, the strawberry is good but needs more strawberry 🍓 flavor, it’s only 2 months old so maybe it’ll get better after a few more months. Have Blackberry and Elderberry fermenting now.
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    Other Vintners Best - fruit wine base (fruit juice)

    Island Mist makes a tasty Cherry Wine kit.
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    Other Vintners Best - fruit wine base (fruit juice)

    I’ve made the Dandelion wine twice with 2 pounds of sugar added and everyone seems to love it, made the Concord grape and added 3 jars of Welches grape jelly to it and it came out good also. Making peach and strawberry now.
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    A big bottle of wine sat in his basement for decades. It could go for $80K.

    Think I got a bottle of Boone’s Farm Tickle Pink left from the late 70’s. Guessing I’d get $10 for it. 🤣🤣
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    1st mead, what to do about headspace?

    That’s not much head space if you’re only gone a week or so. I wouldn’t worry about it. I have meads sit a month - 2 months with more head space than that. If you’re worried about it, add a hand full or 2 of sanitized glass marbles, it will raise your liquid level to the cap thus eliminating...
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    WineXpert Corks and aging

    I figure with all my time and $$$ put into making a batch of wine why ever go cheap and buy the cheap corks that come with risk. Spend the extra couple $$$ and buy the #9 synthetic corks.
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    Skittle Wine

    Started a 4 gallon batch of skittle wine 2 days ago. Skimmed off more wax this morning and there seems to be a few bubbles going. I used D-47 yeast, 2 packs and added 2 teaspoon of yeast nutrient. SG was 1.120 which is high but hoping it finishes off around 1.020 or 1.030 at most. Looks like a...
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    RJ Spagnols RJS ORCHARD BREEZIN Blackberry Blast - to oak or not?

    I normally bottle at the beginning of month 3. 1 month to make the wine, 1 month to bulk age and then bottle. Orchard Breezin kits and Island Mist Kits really don’t need much time to age as you can already tell by how good your blackberry wine is now. Most wine makers who bulk age are are...
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    RJ Spagnols RJS ORCHARD BREEZIN Blackberry Blast - to oak or not?

    You could bottle it now, start another batch and have it bottled before Christmas if you wanted too. 😁 Most of those Orchard Breezin kits are really tasty. For summer we love the Tropical Lime.
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    RJ Spagnols En Primeur Winery Series - Italian Amarone Style

    If I have skins I normally rack after 3 weeks. I also take the lid off about every other day and push the skins down with a sanitize spoon to make sure they are fully making contact with the juice.
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    People leaving the hobby?

    I make beer and wine, beer is just getting to expensive to make, for me to make a good stout or IPA looking at $70-$80 for 5 gallon batch. at least with wine 🍷 I can wait till a certain fruit is in season and buy it cheap.
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    Vineco What's your take on Island and Niagra Mist kits.

    Couldn’t agree more, everyone taste is different and so is every wine made. 👍
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    Vineco What's your take on Island and Niagra Mist kits.

    I bottle in 4 weeks. Let age in the bottle maybe another month and drink. I will admit there are a couple of the kits I have to let sit longer like 3 months but most are ready to drink in 2 months. There’s really not much Liquid in those boxes of white/red grape concentrate that Label Peelers...