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    Problem after bottling

    I've made 6 gals. of rice-raisin wine and bottled it. The problem I am having is that it seems to have CO2 in it still. I thought I stabilized it properly by stirring it, I also ran it thru a filter for polishing. The wine has been bottled for about a month and I'm noticing corks that are...
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    Acidity check: now or later?

    I'm new at this so I really appreciate the help/advice. Thanks.
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    Acidity check: now or later?

    Making two 6 gallon batches of blueberry wine. I had a question about adjusting the total acidity. I didn't check it when I first started the wine and I had added acid blend. Should I have checked at the beginning? Should I check the acidity and adjust it now? Or should I wait and...
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    Keeping Track

    I wanted a better more comprehensive way of keeping track of everything I'm doing with the wine and it's progress. Is there a recommendation for software? I did download a free trial of Amphora but didn't know if there was a better one out there for my needs. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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    First time grape wine

    So did your wine end up being brown? Or did the red color come back?
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    First time grape wine

    I started a concord grape wine yesterday. I followed instructions per the Winemaker's recipe handbook and found that mid-way through adding my ingredients to the crushed grapes, the juice started turning a brownish color versus the pink/red color it started as. Is this normal? Will I get the...