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  1. MiraNapa

    Serving Temperature Suggestions?

    Does anyone have tips for what temperatures white and red wine should be served at? We wrote a blog post with a few rules-of-thumb, but we'd love to hear your thoughts. What's your ideal serving temperature? Cheers, Mira
  2. MiraNapa

    Where do you stand on the debate over alcohol content in wine?

    Each winemaker seeks a certain sugar level and flavor combination before deciding to harvest. Each decision is made based on a set of unique characteristics consistent with their winery’s methods. This is the first step in a process to determine the eventual alcohol content. Some argue for a...
  3. MiraNapa

    In the Charleston, SC area? Join us for a Wine Tasting!

    Are you in or near the Charleston, South Carolina area? We'd love to invite you to Mira Winery's Napa Valley Education Center & Tasting Room for private, one-of-a-kind educational wine tastings. Our Education Center & Tasting Room links the premier wine growing region of the Napa Valley...
  4. MiraNapa

    Aging Wine in the Ocean

    What a cool experiment! Interesting that “Tellus” was disappointing, but “Neptune” was a pleasant surprise. We had similar results with our ocean aging "aquaoir" experiment. In this article, taste testers "confirmed that the wine was subtly changed by its ocean environment through a process of...
  5. MiraNapa

    UPDATE: Bottles coming out of the ocean now!

    Hi everyone! Mira Winery here. Thanks so much for following our Aquaoir experiment - we had a blast with this project. You can check out the results of the experiment and learn more about what our taste testers had to say here:
  6. MiraNapa

    Ocean Aging is a Mystery

    “Wine aged in the ocean rather than on land possesses characteristics of taste that are subtle, yet distinct. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this is that nobody really knows why. That’s what Mira Winery is trying to figure out.” Read the full story and let us know what you think!
  7. MiraNapa

    A Taste of Ocean Aged Wine ("Aquaoir")

    Mira Winery is excited to announce “Phase Two” of our Aquaoir experiment! We’re kicking off a Seven City, Seven Day tour on November 6th in Charleston, SC! Help us celebrate as we host a blind wine-tasting of the ocean versus land-aged wines. Learn more about this opportunity here: Aquaoir...
  8. MiraNapa

    Taste Test: land-aged wine vs ocean-aged wine

    What does Charleston Style & Design Magazine have to say about Mira's Wine Enthusiast rated land-aged wines vs Aquaoir wines?
  9. MiraNapa

    Hello From Mira Winery

    Hello everyone! I am with Mira Winery located in Napa, California and Charleston, South Carolina. We LOVE wine and we hope to engage in some fun and interesting wine talk with all of you. We have been making wine for a number of years, but our most recent accomplishment is making the first...