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    Finer Wine Kit Finer Wine Kits

    Snagged the Forte Bordeaux pre-order. The 10% early adopter discount is a nice $13 bucks in your pocket on these!
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    Finer Wine Kit Finer Wine Kits

    I snagged a double skin super Tuscan. Nice to see they added 3 more varietals
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    Meglioli Wine Kits??

    I’ve gotten them from Home Brew Ohio before (although they aren’t listed now). I reached out to Mosti personally after FVW closed and as soon as they learned I wasn’t a business, they never gave me any assistance in purchasing.
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    WineXpert Private Reserve Fiero Kit Started

    I would add some corn sugar or simple syrup to get yourself to 1.10, but that’a just personal opinion. sometimes you just get a kit with a low SG.
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    Wine expert Limited Edition Primitivo

    Per Winexpert site, this kit comes with skins.
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    Bluetooth hydrometer

    I have one and love it. No need to fight the foam during the initial mixing and it’s so easy to just open the app and see where your wine is. Mine will read quite far away too, which is nice. The tilt also tracks temp, which is honestly super handy.
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    CC Amarone

    Just bottled this wine and had about half a bottle left at the end. This is easily the best tasting wine I’ve consumed on bottling day. Its going to be spectacular once it gets some age on it. Too bad CC had to mess with their kits, who knows what the new format holds.
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    Private Reserve Veneto Amarone Wine Kit

    If you read the description at LabelPeelers they indicate that this is the Forza kit. Although, now it’s 14 liters....
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    New Winexpert Kits

    Moving to 14L for the top tier isn’t a step in the right direction. This should be interesting....
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    New Winexpert Kits

    It was on their Facebook page.
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    New Winexpert Kits

    Saw a quick video promo-ing the new lines and saw the Amarone. Back from the dead!
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    Island Mist kits fermented till dry.

    I have added the entire f-pack up front and I did not care for the end result. I have since concluded that these fruit wines depend on that f-pack addition for balance. You may feel differently, but I wouldn’t advise adding it all to the primary.
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    Wine kits on sale

    30 off $170+ at MoreWine. Code is EZ30
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    Mosti Mondiale Mosti Mondiale Kits for sale on ebay

    It was from Home Brew Ohio. Granted, it was a promo—25% off plus free shipping.
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    Mosti Mondiale Mosti Mondiale Kits for sale on ebay

    Good luck, but with nearly $80 shipping on an all juice bucket I don’t foresee you moving much volume. I just purchased a meglioli for 149 shipped.
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    RJ Spagnols Jumping Back In To Wine Kit Making

    I started drinking mine right away. It had a very berry forward taste to it. My buddy said it tasted like gummy worms. I was never really sure why he thought that, but he never refused a glass.
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    RJ Spagnols Jumping Back In To Wine Kit Making

    Not sure that’s a raving review. [emoji12]. I’d have to look at my tweaks I did to mine. I still think I’ll make another batch of Diablo this year. There was just something about it...
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    RJS Cru International Meritage (Canadian Okanagan)

    Funny. Just got an email indicating that this is going to be a permanent addition to the RJS family.
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    Wine Kit Sadness

    Yes. The international line was basically just like Eclipse. There was another one that stands out, the Red Mountain Cab. My only thinking is these kits were sourced from premium grapes.
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    Wine Kit Sadness

    To date my favorite kit I’ve made was the International w/ skins line Chilean Malbec/Shiraz. Discontinued right after I made it. It was mighty tasty.