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    LONG time on yeast

    on Jan 9 2009 I started 3 gallons of apple cider with an SG of 1.54 on some Safe-ale 04 yeast. It finished on 2/18/09 with an FG of 1.002, which is where I figured it would stop. Pretty common for that yeast. 2.19.09 I got sick. nigh on to death as the saying goes. 10.25.25 Long story...
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    Hard Apple Cider Alcohol Content???

    As long as your juice/cider is in the 1.050-1.060 range (7%ABV) Id leave it alone and let it ferment. IT will ferment dry.. you will have to back sweeten to get the level you want. No need to add sugar for more alcohol.
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    canned gas

    Sounds expensive. the CO2 cartridges are pretty cheap compared. Let us know how it works.
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    Get an auto siphon. They work great and are super easy to use. Put in the must and pump the racking cane a time or two and they start. Just get the right size tubing with it. The 3/8 auto siphon uses a 5/16 ID hose to prevent leaks. Check it out here
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    adding images to thread

    Is this what we are trying to do. FYI its a pic of a siphon with a leak.
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    First Batch Concerns pt 2

    you say Brewing yeast. What kind of yeast? It may not be a problem. 48 hours is too soon to be concerned.
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    Bottle size (750ml vs 1.5l)

    Bottle it in any size that you can drink quickly before it gets old. If you can not finish a 1.5L bottle in a few days its a waste of wine.
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    "Star San" no rinse sanitizer

    Do not fear the foam. It is a no rinse sanitizer and one of the best out there.
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    Ready to Bottlle 2 gal batch of Strawberry

    how about this? I think its what you are looking for. Scroll down.
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    Help:Watery wine

    Did you take any SG readings? what is the current SG?
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    canned gas

    You can get CO2 cartridges and the right dispenser would work. I'm not sure it comes in a spray can.
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    stuck on the 3rth day

    I will bet that you are pretty close to done. The activity you see in the airlock is more likely trapped CO2 in the wine. 0.998 is pretty much a done ferment. Test it again tomorrow and if its still 0.998 you are done and its time to take the next step. From the looks of this you were not...
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    Help:Watery wine

    What recipe did you follow? Yeast, did you add anything? more info makes it easier to help you.
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    Final touch & bottling

    how about this? I think its what you are looking for.
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    Final touch & bottling

    However thats going to require champagne bottles. If you try to bottle carb in a wine bottle the cork will pop out. I believe you are talking about stopping the yeast and adding sugar for sweetness and bottling a still, not sparkling wine. The easiest way is to take a glass of the wine and...
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    Santa Barbara Supplier

    MoreBeer is well respected on another forum I use. I would use them with no problems.
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    stuck on the 3rth day

    We need a few bits of information first. What was the recipe including the type of yeast? What was the Original Gravity (OG) and the current Specific Gravity (SG)? How long was it in the fermenter before it was racked to the secondary? It is possible that its just done fermenting and...
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    new batch blackberry wine- very little body

    Fermentation is only one part of wine making. Aging is another. What was your original recipe? Right now your are at 13.58% ABV. How much alcohol are you looking for in this wine? If you want it sweeter you can stabilize and back sweeten. Your recipe will let the real experts here help you...
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    SG reading

    Yes there would be more sugar in less water so the concentration would be higher. However, I doubt you were off a lot in the water. The unknown is the sugar in the peaches. I am willing to bet you have at least 16.3% - 17.2% ABV and thats just from the sugar. The peaches will only add to it...
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    SG reading

    If half the sugar gave you a 1.060 than all the sugar would have given you a 1.120 which is 16.30% ABV if it ferments to 1.000. More if it goes below which it should. But to get a 1.04 the second time you would have had to have a SG before the second addition of 0.980. With that low of an SG I...