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    Viognier - Growth

    No, the crystal like formation is on the inside of the carboy.
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    Viognier - Growth

    Wondering if anyone has an idea of what this could be and possible resolutions. This is Viognier juice that is currently in the aging process. I am concerned with what this could be inside the carboy. As you can see it seems to look like some sort of crystal that is growing inside the bottom...
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    Finer Wine Kit Finer Wine Kits

    Thank you!
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    Finer Wine Kit Finer Wine Kits

    @Matteo_Lahm Wondering if you could share some insights regarding @Cap Puncher's questions.
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    Finer Wine Kit Finer Wine Kits

    Now, I just sit in front of my computer and wait ⏳
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    For Sale Prelude Yeast

    Purchased 25g of Prelude from Cap Puncher, and I am so glad that I did. I felt confident in the packaging, as it arrived nice and airtight from the vacuum seal. Discussed with @Cap Puncher prior to purchase, and he was very knowledgeable and provided good recommendations. I would definitely...
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    Other FW Bordeaux - the journey

    Would you be open to sharing where you purchase your Hungarian cubes from?
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    I may change my views on Rosé Wine

    It is the RJS En Primeur Pinot Noir Rosé
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    I may change my views on Rosé Wine

    Update: Bottled the Rosé on September 15th, 2021 using the AIO. I ran it through a 1 micron filter. I opened a bottle last night and was very pleased with the result. The nose was vibrant and bright, notes of watermelon, berries, very subtle hint of a darker red fruit. Felt that the subtle hints...
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    Finer Wine Kit Finer Wine Kits

    Hello Fellow Winemakers! Does anyone know if the FWK grape packs are 100% respective varietal to the kit that it purchased? Cheers!
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    Wine Kitz Yeast for kits?

    We've used BM4x4 on the RJS Super Tuscan with excellent results! Highly recommend.
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    Other FWK - very fast ferment

    I started a FWK Barbera this week. Originally purchased 2 skin packs, but made a last moment decision to only use one. So, 2nd pack is tucked away nicely in the freezer. For this ferment, I am using BM 4x4 and following the FWK yeast protocol. Yeast was pitched on Thursday with a SG of 1.100...
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    RJ Spagnols RJS Restricted Quantities French Cab 2021

    I'm looking forward to starting the RQ kit. I also have a FWK that I will need to start soon as well. I've completed various En Premier kits with good success, and I hear that RQ will produce similar results if not better.
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    RJ Spagnols RJS Restricted Quantities French Cab 2021

    Wondering if anyone has made the RJS Restricted Quantities French Cabernet kit? If so, how was your fermentation? How is aging going? How is it smelling and sampling?Looking to start this kit soon subbing RC212 for D254. I haven't seen too many post about this kit or any of the other 2021 RQ's.
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    Finer Wine Kit Finer Wine Kits

    I am planning on making the FWK Barbera double skin. I am wondering what yeast recommendations are out there? My current plan is to use BM 4x4 but wondering for those that have made this kit, what worked for you and what characteristics did you get from your yeast selection?
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    RJ Spagnols RJS En Primeur Winery Series - Italian Super Tuscan

    My neighbor and I made this kit back in 2019, just hit the 1 year mark for being bottled in September. Ran this ferment with BM 4x4, 2 week EM, and 7 month bulk age w/ Xaokers. During primary, we kept the fermentation temp between 68 and 70F. Had exceptional results and still waiting to get into...
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    Just started a fermentation with the Coolstix Universal. I am using a 6 gallon bucket that I drilled holes to allow for the temperature probe and Coolstix to fit through. Initially, I was very pleased with how quickly the must temperature dropped. With user error, the temperature has now risen...
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    I may change my views on Rosé Wine

    Just started RJS En Primeur Pinot Noir Rosé. Split batch to 3 gallons and used Rhone 4600 for the first 3, and W-15 for the second. Will blend together post fermentation. Also, this is my first go at using the Brew Built Universal Cool Stix to control fermentation temperature on W-15. My target...