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    Using Inert Gas - Argon Newbie

    Everything I have red indicates that: Reds need significant O2 during AF for most, if not the the entire AF. Whites or Roses will benefit from 02 during the first few days of AF, but that further exposure should be minimized. My issue with this is that I run a cold and slow fermentation on my...
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    Using Inert Gas - Argon Newbie

    Thanks! How are you sparging your bottles?
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    Using Inert Gas - Argon Newbie

    I have now read all of the posts with the word Argon. Can anyone: 1) Walk me thru their process of sparging fermonters or carboys prior to racking, and do you also fill/top the container you are racking from? 2) Walk me thru their process of sparging bottles prior to bottling? 3) Comment on the...
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    2017 Cab Blends

    What are you using to write on the bottles?
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    Long term bottle storage without massive wine racks

    I use Nomacorcs as well. I would inquire of the company as to their recommendations relative to upright vs. side storage. I think their specs on O2 intake are based on side storage. While I realize they are manufactured, and am aware of the materials used, because they are a natural material, I...
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    Managing MLF

    Thank you. No sur lie stirring for you? When do you rack following MLF completion? Why not start the oak process asap?
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    Managing MLF

    Impressive reply, certainly appreciate it. I have been reading up on this, and every other subject, for the last year or so (not as much as you) and it appears that co-inoculation is significantly safer relative to the risks with sequential. Worth trying, but a touch worried. I have...
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    Managing MLF

    Thank you again for taking the time. So either innoculate at or about the same time as primary starts, or wait until dry and racked off the gross lees (which is only what I have done in the past). Which do you prefer?
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    Managing MLF

    Thank you for that quote. When does the Prof Toit ( ;-)) recommend innoculation?
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    Managing MLF

    And next year I am going to try and co-innoculate towards the middle of primary and see how that goes.
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    Managing MLF

    I stir all the time, GENTLY, to make sure the bacteria is not buried. never have a problem with MLF completing. I believe it helps with mouthfeel as well etc. Sur lie and all that.
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    Silicone Vented Bungs

    John- Can you please provide a link to the ones you prefer?
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    First All Grape Wine, TA/pH Question

    You also want to run MLF as a late spontaneous MLF in the bottle is disastrous. Think fizzy wine at a minimum, think popping corks and exploding bottles at the worst. OR, look at inhibiting MLF. Lysozyme and appropriate PMBS: Buy Daniel...
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    Break in Brute Trash Can Fermenter?

    Is it the food grade Brute? Fill with hot water, one step cleaner, and you should be fine.
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    What's in your glass tonight?

    Where did you pick this up, if I may ask?
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    Humidifier Recommendations Sought

    Verified it does NOT turn back on. Sorry. If set at 60%, it will keep my room fairly stable between 60 and 70 with my cooling system (winter). If set at 65%, it will run continuously. Haven't needed to do that.
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    Quit lifting

    WIth all due respect for a fine product, why use a pump when gravity works. All my fermonsters are ported, and I would much prefer to use the spigot and let things flow downhill, splash or not. And one less piece of equipment to clean, no power, smaller carbon foot print etc.
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    New Member from Upsate NY

    Welcome Luke. Where in the FL? Take a look around, scroll down to the How To list of links. Amazing free info. Can also spend some time on the Musto webs site as well.
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    Humidifier Recommendations Sought

    So here is what I bought about a month ago: Works great, water lasts for over a week, and I fill it with a 5 gallon bucket. No powder residue, really quite. Maintaining humidity like a champ. I am...
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    Quit lifting

    One heavy Torah as well. :-) Just thru my phone out the window.