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  1. countrygirl

    grapes are in the ground!

    25 chardonel in the ground! it's actually been a week and a few days, and they are already putting on little buds! exciting time here on the farm. alot of ppl on this forum are responsible for encouraging us to take this step. thanks so much:try
  2. countrygirl

    Missouri Valley Wine Compeition

    congrats jon!! that is awesome! was the chardonel 2010 or 2011? st. francois chardonel i got 2010 had a brix of 23! that was the batch that convinced me to get a hand press! made all the difference in the world with 2011 catawba!!
  3. countrygirl

    2011 catawba

    i did cold stabilize:snw first time! i have a closet on my back porch...temps stayed in the upper 40's lower 50's in the closet and that's when it dropped out the crystals:br would blackberry or blueberry benefit from cold stabilization?
  4. countrygirl

    2011 catawba

    ooh, thanks julie! glad it's got some aging potential:try
  5. countrygirl

    2011 catawba

    just thought of a couple of questions....has anyone else made catawba? i was wondering about the aging? you can tell it's not "ready", though not bad, not bad at all...but i wondered what would be the ideal aging?
  6. countrygirl

    Town and city names.

    dang bobf, we been to licking!!! love to stay there and fish at montauk!
  7. countrygirl

    2011 catawba

    i went to clarksville, tn this year jon. adkins vineyards! they were also super nice as was st. francois 2010! much shorter drive for me though! i hope to get more catawba from them next year!
  8. countrygirl

    2011 catawba

    u guys r sooo, right, patience is the key! if i've learned nothing else from this website, i have learned that patience is the most important part:ib and it should have read wine diamonds, lol, i missed my own typo. and yes, runningwolf, i did use a handcorker...the one i bought on...
  9. countrygirl

    Town and city names.

    didn't make the cut, hahahaha
  10. countrygirl

    Town and city names.

    i live in fancy farm, ky...will see if we made the list, hahaha
  11. countrygirl

    2011 catawba

    bottling underway...
  12. countrygirl

    2011 catawba

    2011 catawba/pictures catawba ice diamonds...
  13. catawba wine diamonds

    catawba wine diamonds

  14. bottling


  15. corked


  16. catawba


    2011 catawba
  17. countrygirl

    cherry concentrate

    the recipe i used did call for a small amount of acid blend...i don't have the recipe at this moment, but will post it later tonight...
  18. countrygirl

    Missouri Valley Wine Compeition

    good luck jon! just one week to go! i signed up for their newsletter/email list....good to keep "in the know".