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  1. Chiumanfu

    So2 checker

    I assume you mean CO2. There are CO2 measuring devices used in fountain pop machines but I've never seen one that is cheap enough to justify. The most important tip for degassing is to keep the temp high. My experience is that even the most stubborn batch will give up the gas if you warm it...
  2. Chiumanfu

    Deep Freezer ==> Fermentation Chamber Project!

    Seth, try a setup like this. It works very well with my freezer and you don't have to hack the original thermostat. The unit has a hysteresis setting so you won't damage the freezers compressor.
  3. Chiumanfu

    Plastic vs glass carboys
  4. Chiumanfu

    Doggone Knats

    CBell. Vinegar and the wine room do not mix. It has acetic acid bacteria which can go airborne and turn the rest of your wine into vinegar. Fruit flies are the primary mode of transport for acetic acid bacteria in the wild.
  5. Chiumanfu

    The bounce - vacuum racking and bottling issue

    I've had the exact same issue. I used to use a hose clamp positioned near the sending carboy which works... as long as you remember to use it. I could never remember. :slp Now I just make it a rule to always vacuum rack the entire batch to an empty carboy before splitting/filtering/bottling.
  6. Chiumanfu

    Guess Whats in THIS bottle! Winophiles!

    I have about 20 of those gallon "Triple Jim's" glass jugs from Whole Foods. They are awesome and standard #6.5 bungs fit them perfectly too.
  7. Chiumanfu

    Instructions grrrrrr

    That is an old kit. I'd be surprised if it was still good.
  8. Chiumanfu

    How loud are vaccum pumps?

    I would compare the sound to one of those small portable car tire pumps. That video was made when the pump wasn't quite finished. See link in my sig for the completed project. With all the components locked down and mounted properly, it make substantially less noise.
  9. Chiumanfu

    Dragon Blood: Triple Berry Skeeter Pee

    Maybe on your second batch you mis-measured the kmeta. Wines high in kmeta tend to give me headaches.
  10. Chiumanfu

    My cellar in progress - DYI

    Unbelievably jealous.
  11. Chiumanfu

    could some post pics of what clear is..

    The best way to test for clarity is to turn off the lights and shine a flashlight or laser pointer through the carboy. Only then will you see if there are any suspended particles.
  12. Chiumanfu

    SO2 level management - Best practice?

    I'm still pretty new to SO2 management but my method seems to be working well and I'm sure it's the same process for most. I measure and adjust free SO2 after the final racking before starting to bulk age. Every 3 months in bulk, I will take a sample and test it. And one last time after...
  13. Chiumanfu

    To use or not to use Potassium Sorbate

    Considering the following example, would you use the Potassium Sorbate as stated in the instructions or would you leave it out? RJS Super Tuscan SG 0.996 Added oak dust to primary and raisins+spiral to secondary Going to bulk age for at least 6 months No plans to back sweeten I would love to...
  14. Chiumanfu

    Heat belt (primary or secondary)

    This time of year in Manitoba, it's hot enough that you shouldn't need any extra heat. In fact, you should probably be trying to cool down the primary. Measure the temp of the must with a thermometer and tell us what yeast you're using.
  15. Chiumanfu

    Marbles, Are these OK?

    I got glass gems from the dollar store and tested them with a lead test kit. Google "leadinspector".
  16. Chiumanfu

    Good Bye

    Chrome has an option to block third party cookies. Pretty sure IE and FF have similar options.
  17. Chiumanfu

    Ph meter

    The pH meters usually have a little sponge in the cap to keep everything moist. I've never had much luck with that as I usually find the sponge has dried out between uses. I stole a little spice jar from the kitchen (shhh) that fits my meter perfect. I just put the meter in and fill with pH4...
  18. Chiumanfu

    yeast characteristics?

    Here's lalvin specific yeast chart
  19. Chiumanfu

    Sulfite adjustment issue

    All the calculators assume that a certain percentage of SO2 is bound immediately. Most calculators use a value around 57%. This value can vary a lot from real life due to several factors. -Age and condition of the KMETA is a big factor. It has a shelf life and will last longer if stored in a...
  20. Chiumanfu

    Ph meter

    Depends on what your end goal is. If it's to determine the amount of SO2 needed to protect your wine, it is not accurate enough. Let's assume that you're looking for 0.8mg/L molecular SO2. At a pH of 3.3 you need 25mg/L free SO2. At a pH of 3.7 you need 63mg/L free SO2. Big difference there.