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  1. KAndr97

    "You Should Sell Your Wine!"

    I wasn't suggesting that y'all were, but everyone I know IRL thinks that I can just set up a booth at the local farmer's market and raise my finger to the authorities.
  2. KAndr97

    "You Should Sell Your Wine!"

    To be honest, I wouldn't wanna buy any wine made under the table. Whenever someone suggests skirting those regulations, I'm reminded of the hot sauce guy whose house was raided by the feds. I can't find it at the moment but this guy was selling and giving away home made hot sauce on a sauce...
  3. KAndr97

    Hello from Kentucky

    I've been all across the country and y'all really do have some of the best chicken in America. Welcome!
  4. KAndr97

    Water in mead

    To some people, water is water and it all tastes like H2O. Other people claim that they can tell the difference between different brands or locations. I think Fiji and Voss taste slightly different from your average Poland Spring or Aquafina. However, once that very neutral flavor has been...
  5. KAndr97

    So you guys use clearing agents?

    I've only ever used bentonite once on a very stubborn strawberry wine. Looking back, it wasn't that stubborn and I should've just let it sit for a couple more months. It definitely took away some of the fruitiness of the wine, and maybe some of the body. It was one of my first brews and I was...
  6. KAndr97

    "You Should Sell Your Wine!"

    Anybody else get this from their family and friends all the time? Whenever I mention my latest brew, everyone asks me how much I'll sell it for or why I don't set up a stand at the market. I'm just not that committed. Plus, I like to drink my wine. I don't get this response about any of my other...
  7. KAndr97

    Post-Malolactic Protocol

    That sounds kinda neat. Obviously if that's not what you're going for, no bueno. Seems like it'd be a nice touch in some esoteric special interest wine.
  8. KAndr97

    Put a lid on it

    Fourteen days sounds pretty long to keep a wine in primary. Keep in mind that if you leave your wine on the gross lees for too long, the yeast will start eating it. You don't want that, as it can lead to some pretty nasty smells. I've never had anything finish within the timeframe that I set out...
  9. KAndr97


    In my experience, splash racking will not remove the H2S. The only thing that worked for me when I had an H2S problem was Reduless, but it worked flawlessly. The best way to deal with it is by preventing it in the first place. Don't seal off your primary fermenter. I cover mine with a sanitized...
  10. KAndr97


    It's imperative that the yeast has oxygen during the first stage of fermentation. If they dont, they have to work much harder and end up producing H2S. Aerobic fermentation isn't really an optional feature you add to your wine, it's an important part of the process.
  11. KAndr97

    Really fast ferment?

    Definitely can happen, especially if your fermentation area is quite warm. My first wine ever fermented very vigorously and was dry after just four days. Starting gravity was 1.095 on that one. Edit: I try to ferment slower and cooler now. I've read that fast ferments can produce more fusel...
  12. KAndr97

    how to use a hydrometer for newbies

    Holy heck, that's more expensive than almost all of my equipment put together. It's a cool concept, definitely something I'd buy if I was a professional or had a money tree in my backyard.
  13. KAndr97

    Welch’s white wine.

    Right on, looks tasty. Did you look for a specific type of juice? Preservative free or anything like that? I've made cider from store bought stuff and it was way easier than the whole fruits I've been messing around with. I'm intrigued by the idea of fermenting store bought juice.
  14. KAndr97

    how to use a hydrometer for newbies

    Anybody have any tips for inconsistent readings? I started a banana wine yesterday that gave me two wildly different numbers. Drawing from the bottom of the must gave me 1.140 while drawing from the top gave me 1.090. Is this just banana goop that's settled to the bottom? It was noticeably...
  15. KAndr97

    Fungus wine

    Well... You learn something new everyday. Forgive my improper terminology, but I think you guys get my point. You can cook the mushrooms in a pan without any fat.
  16. KAndr97

    Fungus wine

    Nonono, I don't mean that sauteeing them will help extract the liquid. I mean that the mushrooms will naturally unstick themselves from the pan. My point is that you don't need any oil when you sautee them.
  17. KAndr97

    Fungus wine

    Well I've never made mushroom tea or wine, but I've sauteed plenty of mushrooms. When you cook mushrooms, they release some of their liquid into the pan, which will unstick whatever has stuck. That's what I mean by deglazing. No oil needed, just heat and time.
  18. KAndr97

    Fungus wine

    You don't necessarily have to use any oil. The mushrooms will release a good amount of liquid which will deglaze the pan.
  19. KAndr97

    Organic eggshells as a clearing agent

    Patience is by far the most important part of this art. As a rule of thumb, I always add a month onto whatever timeline I've projected for my wines. You're not gonna see any progress in two days. It might not even be much more clear next week. At this point, you gotta do your best to just forget...
  20. KAndr97

    Fungus wine

    Sounds uhhh... Interesting, for sure. I bet it would be great for cooking. It's definitely a thing that you can buy. You can make wine out of basically anything if you give it a good effort. I'm not sure what type of mushroom you would use or how much fermentable sugar any mushrooms have. This...