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  1. Bodenski

    Peach Wine

    Good evening all. I haven't posted in a long while, as I seemed to think I knew everything for a bit :) I have slowed down my wine making, but have several things going now. I finally picked up some right off the tree peaches, and have 4 gallons of peach wine going now. (Followed the recipe...
  2. Bodenski

    Aging Mead, questions

    I have only a small number of meads that have made it more than a year. Here's been my (limited) experience: 1. Some meads I've made had flaws that decreased over time. My first JOAM had too much pith taste, but that definitely decreased over time. Another one (a fall spice methagalin) was...
  3. Bodenski

    April 2017 Wine of the Month Club

    It's been a while since this thread was touched, so I thought I'd update my progress at least. It's been a little over a year, and I think my cherry recipe is one of the top 2 that I've ever made. Definitely a dessert wine with the residual sugar and high ABV. I brought a bottle to my parents...
  4. Bodenski

    Joe's ancient mead

    The pith taste does fade over time, but I'm not sure that it will mellow out before October. If you really want it ready by then, and you are only doing a one-gallon batch, I'd start another one just to be sure. And use the bread yeast just to be sure :) I just started my third batch of JOAM...
  5. Bodenski

    Label problems

    I have started just printing on paper, trimming to whatever size I want and then using a glue-stick to adhere them. My last printer would always skew just a little, so that the top labels may be spaced OK but the bottom set never centered quite right. Now that I just use a glue stick I can...
  6. Bodenski

    Accidentally added all the lemon juice at beginning

    I am bottling my first batch of Skeeter Pee this week. It foamed much more than anything else i've made, and I have about 20 different batches of wines and meads under my belt at this point. I made a 3 gallon batch instead of 5, but scaled everything to it and I really like it. (I've been...
  7. Bodenski

    Blackberry Mead (First Attempt)

    I might do that next time. Although blackberry juice isn't something I normally find in my local walmart. I did do that with my first apple cyser (which I made way too strong) and it ended up being quite nice.
  8. Bodenski

    Blackberry Mead (First Attempt)

    I just bottled this about a week ago. It's OK, but not as strong with the blackberry taste as I wanted it to be. I added some more honey to taste, but I didn't measure the final SG after adding the honey. I'm kicking myself a little about that right now. The winery I buy my grape juice...
  9. Bodenski

    Caramel Apple Mead

    This one is coming along nicely. I would definitely do some things differently next time. 1. Not steep the grains for as long. 2. Use regular store -bought apple juice as opposed to fresh pressed cider. (Would have dropped the price tremendously) I don't know if "caramel" is how I'd describe...
  10. Bodenski

    March 2017 Wine of the Month Club

    I made two different meads in early 2017, one for this month and one for April. I forgot which was which, so I popped open a bottle of my vanilla cherry melomel thinking it was my March drink. I am really enjoying it, but it was a month too early! I'll have to open a bottle of my fall spice...
  11. Bodenski

    Unscheduled Cold Stabilization

    I live in NOVA and we were without power for 29 hours. We have city water so that kept working. And we have a gas stove so we could cook and heat up water on the stove for bathing. House got down to 51 degrees. Perfect celler temp, if it could keep the cold just there. Not a good bedroom...
  12. Bodenski

    How many gallons of Lon D's Skeeter Pee have been made?

    Just made my first three gallons. 3309 + 3 = 3312
  13. Bodenski

    2017 Harford Vineyard Chilean Grape/Juice Pickup

    Good evening all! We are about 10 months (I think) into these batches. I gave away nearly all of my Pinot Grigio over Christmas, and I've heard nothing but good things back about them. I let if finish a tad sweet, which I don't think I'd do again for a Pinot Grigio. My one friend who...
  14. Bodenski

    Berry mead, and a question about starting SG

    Well here I am at nearly a year out. (Just a week shy I think.) I love this batch. It is still my favorite. (My Chilean Pinot Grigio from 2017 is creeping up, so I can't say it's my favorite "by far" anymore. ;) I think the sweetness is a bit much now this far out. But it really helps to...
  15. Bodenski

    Should have waited for JAO

    I have been very surprised how mead gets so much better with time. Apparently I need to make a bunch more so I can just let it sit in the basement :) Congrats on the gold. I need to find a local competition so I can enter a bottle of some of my stuff. I have no hope for gold, and I really...
  16. Bodenski

    Planning first batch of mead - anything I should know?

    I meant to get back sooner. I haven't seen that for my creations to date that putting it under an airlock later rather than earlier has had any negative impact. It's not that you can't put it under airlock when you get down to the end of fermentation. I for one hate pulling the lid off of the...
  17. Bodenski

    Black Cherry or Pineapple?

    I just bottled some cherry melomel, and I ended up using 100% cherry juice. (It was tart cherry juice from Trader Joes.) I had considered not going 100%juice and had tried to calculate out what 3-5 lbs of cherries would like like when converting to juice. I had several people convince me that...
  18. Bodenski

    Planning first batch of mead - anything I should know?

    I don't know about others, but I tend to not put it into secondary until it's finished fermenting. You only know that by following the SG. I tend to make melomels more than anything else, and when I transfer too early I always end up with too much junk at the bottom of the carboy. I've...
  19. Bodenski

    Apple pie cyser

    Total wine sells an apple pie mead (Kurt's Apple Pie IIRC) . I tried a bottle, and its was just OK. (Expensive for the 375ml bottle it was. Hard finding most meads in most stores it seems). I have 2.5 gallons of the caramel apple mead (the braggot version) aging right now. A very different...
  20. Bodenski

    March 2017 Wine of the Month Club

    So I lied. I felt like seeing where this was at, so I opened a bottle. It has further changed from "unpleasant" to an unpleasant aftertaste, but there isn't much to this one. I figure in another several months the aftertaste will be be gone, and I'll be left with a light mead (9.5%) that I...