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    Ice Fruit Wine

    I've made Apple Ice wine in the past by freezing and partially thawing Apple juice(cider in USA). It wasn't up to Ice Wine standards, but it was a nice wine. If any of you are interested, here's a link I came across yesterday describing it fully...
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    I'm 86, I woke up feeling a little stiff. My wife said "Stop that". What???
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    Unusual Occurence.

    Thursday I transfered a 10 litre brew of Tropical Rhubarb to carboy, fitted the airlock and pushed it under the bench. Today I went into town with my CEO and popped a litre of apple juice in with the groceries with the intention of adding it as a sort of F-pack. When I went to top up my wine, I...
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    Lower alcohol wines

    Hi, whether this has been discussed I don't know. From reading a lot of the posts I gather quite a lot of you go for the high alcohol (rocket fuel) :rdo, smack you in the mouth type of wine. Have a look at Harold McGee's article in WineMaker magazine, it might just change your mind. Water...
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    Aging Wines & Cork taint

    I know there have been other threads on the subject, and some of you may have already read it, but I came across this not long ago on Harold McGee's curious cooks site. Have a look at this link. It's interesting. There's a bit...
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    Wine Judging

    Just back from judging at the Bletchley Wine Guild annual show. With the help of my steward (Chief Executive/ Wife) I judged the Red (dry to medium) class. What I found was that though the wines were all a reasonable standard, at least 75% of them were lacking in bouquet. Is this a common...