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    Sodium carbonate vs sodium percarbonate and barrels

    When I bought my 30 L oak barrel, the supplier sold me some soda ash (sodium carbonate). I've been burning sulphur sticks when kept empty and the instructions with the barrel say to use soda ash to clean it. Lately on a barrel supplier's webpage I read this is not the best choice as it strips...
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    Reduless and H2S

    I have some Reduless and never used it before. I'm almost at the end of my fermentation with grapes and I encountered a bit of H2S odour starting around half way through the fermentation. I kept adding the nutrients in stages up to one third sugar depletion, did the splashing during punching the...
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    Smelly Ferment

    I must be missing some details as it seems I'm not doing everything correctly. I often get a smelly ferment, due to some H2S I'm getting the impression. I've spent weeks searching for information that leads me to believe if yeast do this it is because they are stressed due to certain factors...
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    How to use chromatography chemical safely and storage

    I've been doing chromatography for a while and have been wondering about how safe is using the chemical in the house. It is orange in colour. Also wondering if it contains formaldehyde. I've always used a respirator mask and while the chemical develops on the paper it has been hanging in my cold...
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    Ice Cider won't stop fermenting

    This is the second time I make an 'Ice' version of wine or cider. Last time I found it hard to stop the fermentation once it had reached the desired residual sugar and acidity and after I followed the directions I found in 'Winemaker Magazine'. This time I'm doing an Ice cider with the same...
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    Black oily substance from press

    I've been using my small stainless steel basket press for pressing apple slices frozen at around 20 degress F to make some ice cider when I started to notice a black oily substance coming out between the post in the middle and the plate that does the pressing. I think it is from the large...
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    Temperature probe and silicone stopper seal

    Hi Folks, Have a white going on at the moment now about 1\3 sugar depletion and soon will be even more important that carboy contents ferment anaerobically. I have it in the fridge with heating belt and probe in the juice with temp controller regulating the temp. The probe wire and silicone...
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    Advice on cordon height

    Planted more vines last year and want to train them correctly this time so hoping you can suggest the right cordon height to train these new vines. They are Frontenac Blanc, Louise swenson, and Petite Pearl. I'm in zone 4B near Ottawa Ontrio. Thanks, Rob S
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    Hi, Glad to be with this forum. I've been making wine for the last 30 years, and over the last 15 I have mostly been making wine from grapes I've grown on my property and from grapes I've sourced from other parts of the world. I've also been fortunate to have won a few medals from...