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    Fix too much sugar

    If you can fix a batch that is too acidic with adding sugar, can you fix a batch that is too sweet by adding acid and tannin?
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    Oxidated wine

    is there a way to revive an oxidated wine?
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    When to back sweeten?

    I have a Cabernet Sauvignon wine that has a S.G. of 0.992. It is approximately 1 month old and is very bitter. I have it bulk aging in the basement. It is nice clear red color but it is still shedding a slight sediment. I would like to sweeten the wine slightly but I am not sure how much to add...
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    Should you cold crash red wine?

    Should you cold crash red wine?
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    experiment with different yeast versus other things

    As a newbie, should I spend my limited experimental time playing with different yeast combinations or play with blending grapes? Or are there other things that I could experiment with such as oak, tannin, acid, etc.?