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  1. Jal5

    Bottled pear wine

    This was started last summer and bulk aged. Today bottled 26 bottles nice and clear. Added some simple syrup that seemed to bring out the flavor. Still a very subtle pear taste and about 12% abv. Not too bad and the pears were free. I have enough frozen pears for a six gallon batch but I will do...
  2. Jal5

    New sinks!

    I have been wanting sinks in the basement to make winemaking chores easier. A friend donated a double sink to the cause last weekend. I already had water supply lines in the garage so now I just need a waste water line. Plan to use a plastic line to the drain in the concrete floor. It can be...
  3. Jal5

    Mycoderma treatment

    I had 6 g aging since Sept. 2019 Merlot when I saw the dreaded white film. I racked and carefully filtered it into a clean container using more than 1/4 tsp Kmeta. Then bottled it. Bit I can taste a kmeta or something odd in the leftover half bottle. Will this dissipate? I plan to let it age at...
  4. Jal5

    Corks not going into bottle all the way

    I am at my daughter's home and tried to bottle some wine we made together using a hand corker but some of these bottles didn't allow the cork to go in all the way and sit above the neck- six bottles. Would it be better to pull these corks when I get home and use my Portuguese corker on new...
  5. Jal5

    HarborFreight vacuum pump problem

    Anyone using this to rack have a problem with it quitting? I used it one time to rack 5g. Maybe 5 minutes of use? Put it away tried to use it about 4 wks later. No pumping action or noise other than a clicking sound. Any ideas? Don’t have a receipt to take it back now. There was oil in it but...
  6. Jal5

    Need a check on my acid calculation

    For a 5 g batch of pear wine. I did bench trial using acid blend in 10% solution. Put 1ml into 100 ml wine and 2 ml into a second glass 100 ml of wine we like the 2 ml better. the calculation: 5g = 19l 19l=19000ml 2/100=x/19000 X=380 ml i add 380 ml of acid blend solution to my 5g. Did I do...
  7. Jal5

    Fast fermenting merlot

    picked up a juice bucket last Friday and pitched the 1118 yeast Saturday. It fermented like crazy for two days. Today the SG IS DOWN TO 1.002 a fast fermentation. We have had a heat wave here and our AC broke so the house was warm in the 80s which sped things up I guess. I put it under airlock...
  8. Jal5

    Considering hosting a wine competition

    i belong to an Italian American Club and we are considering doing a wine competition among the members. I’ve never even attended one let alone hosted one. Is there any source of “how to” tips you can suggest?? Joe
  9. Jal5

    Pear wine clearing

    5 gallons of pear in secondary now. Looking like it will need to clear quite a lot. At what point should I use clarifying agents now or after several rackings? Usually use Super Kleer or Dual fine.
  10. Jal5

    Wine cellar beginnings

    I know this is tiny compared to some of you, but with 7 varieties under my belt it was time to label the shelves! I am using more and more of my wife’s storage...good thing she enjoys the wine
  11. Jal5

    Clear bottles source needed

    What supplier is usually the best price? All my friends are red wine drinkers so clear bottles are hard to find! Thx Joe
  12. Jal5

    2018 Chilean Merlot

    bottled this 6 gal. Juice pail today. Fermented till dry and oaked for 5 wk with American medium oak spiral. Really good. Some more aging in bottles will be great. Started in May 2018. 31 bottles plus 2 glasses Joe
  13. Jal5

    2018 Chilean juice

    Today was bottling day for Sangiovese juice from 2018. Aged in carboy almost 12 months. Great color and flavor! 26 bottles.
  14. Jal5

    Kumquat plus tropical fruit

    i started this Dragons Blood variant on Feb24 using kumquat plus frozen tropical fruit mix from walmart. Followed the DB recipe. For a 3g batch. Yeast started fine EC 1118 and went great for two days then stopped. I restarted this must with another yeast batch that again went for two days and...
  15. Jal5

    Renovating a Portugese Floor Corker

    I recently picked one up and want to clean it up a bit. There is some rust where the plastic jaws sit that i need to remove. Has anyone taken one apart? Any special pieces I should know about? Thanks Joe
  16. Jal5

    Need a primer on acids and tannin

    so far i have not done anything with adjusting acid or tannin in my wines. Can someone suggest a good reference to read on this? Something not too overwhelming- Like acid additions for dummies. LOL THX Joe
  17. Jal5

    Dandelion Wine finished

    bottled my first gallon today! Added white raisins to this batch started 5/27/18. 7 months almost bulk aging. Nice color and backsweetened with sugar. Joe
  18. Jal5

    How long to age riesling?

    this riesling was from Chilean grape juice bucket started in April. It has clearednicely in the bulk 5 gal plus 1 gal separate. It fermented to dry so will need backsweetening before bottling. How long should I bulk age this? Tastes like a young wine, very dry. No off flavors nbut not much grape...
  19. Jal5

    wine has little "body"

    I am still a newbie at this hobby with almost a year into it. However, of the three reds I have made now- kit valpolicella, juice buckets of merlot(Cal) and sangiovese (Chile) none of them has much if any "body" compared to commercial wines of the same type grape. What makes up the "body" of a...
  20. Jal5

    Aging in gallon

    Is this ok to age in the gallon using a cap? It was aging since May under airlock with no bubbling for a long time. I just last week backsweetened and stabilized it. Needs time to age- very pronounced alcohol taste before backsweetening but better with added simple syrup. Any thoughts? Joe