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  1. Brent2489

    It's HERE!!!

    Remember this during my Atlanta years. Yellow pollen stuffing off the car as you drove. Nasty 🤧
  2. Brent2489

    Hello from Western NY!

    Grew up in Rochester and Lockport NY. Jobs moved me to Ohio then Atlanta. Keep saying to wife "No, not south want to move west!" Now retired and living in Salt Lake City and instructor at Alta ski resort. Bring on the snow!!
  3. Brent2489

    Hello from Salt Lake City, Utah

    We are about 5900 ft. A couple miles past Ruth's Diner then up into Emigration Oaks. Maybe I'll buy a couple of vines and test. Deer would decimate garden if it didn't have some fencing. Past couple of nights 33 degrees for low. We have a south south-east facing slope.
  4. Brent2489

    Hello from Salt Lake City, Utah

    WOW, very cool. I thought about planting on my hillside in Emigration Canyon but concerned the deer would eat it all and I don't really want to put up fencing.
  5. Brent2489

    Hello from Salt Lake City, Utah

    👍 Utah wine!!
  6. Brent2489

    Dissolving Label Paper - cool!

    Can you post a link to these labels on Amazon??
  7. Brent2489

    How do you blend?

    Yes, used 75 zin 25 cab. Zin was kit from Finer Wine. Cab was 2 frozen must buckets from Livermore, CA. Total of 90 bottles!
  8. Brent2489

    How do you blend?

    Left 100% Cabernet 75/25 Middle 50/50 25/75 Right100% Zinfandel
  9. Brent2489

    Hello from Salt Lake City, Utah

    Where in SLC? I'm in Emigration Canyon.
  10. Brent2489

    How much wine do you make? (2023)

    My wine closet. I get nervous when I hit 50% occupancy 😂🤣😂🤣
  11. Brent2489

    Post your labels here

    Its been a LONG time since I have posted or commented here but I’ve been lurking the entire time. Since last post , moved to Salt Lake City, Utah late 2019 and retired. Now have dream job as ski instructor at Alta, Utah. New house = new winery name.
  12. Brent2489

    1st trip to Napa!!! help???

    Second this!! Healdsburg is like Napa was 20 years ago.
  13. Brent2489

    WineXpert How much time do you spend making one kit wine?

    Time for tasks in order (longest to shortest) - Waiting - Cleaning - Bottling - Racking - Start Kit
  14. Brent2489

    Limited wine storage space what do you do?

    HA!!! This is an easy one. Just drink faster. No really. In my wine area i built a cabinet that will store about 150 bottles of my wine and about 200 bottles of other wine. This room is on the lowest level of the house (not under ground) and stays at about 75 in the summer and 65 in the winter.
  15. Brent2489

    How much wine do you drink??

    I only drink one glass per day......... glass just happens to hold 750ml :h
  16. Brent2489

    What was the first wine you made?

    Wine Expert Merlot. Bought beginners kit for wine making and got $20 discount on the WE kit. As we pulled away from the store, my wife looked at me and said "You will never make a good wine." I think that over the past 3-4 years she has eaten (drunk?!?!) her words quite often. :ib
  17. Brent2489

    How To Make Sparkling Wine.

    OMG, that seems like way too much work! I think i will just jump in the car and drive the 2miles to the store and buy the sparkling wine.
  18. Brent2489

    rebar bent for grapevines

    Just make sure to post pictures. It never happened if there were no pix!!! :slp
  19. Brent2489

    Dumb bottling question

    Hmmm Never heard about 'cold filtering' wine before!! Did you get this idea from the beer mfg??
  20. Brent2489

    Brown Recluse Spider Bite??????

    Better get it taken care of!!!