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  1. Luc

    The Wijnmaker app

    Hi guys, I think maybe some of you will still remember me. For a long time ago I was a very frequent poster over here. And many will remember and still use the information on my weblog: Well I have been absence for a long time and been busy with a new hobby and...
  2. Luc

    A present for my long absence

    Hi guys, I think maybe some of you will still remember me. For a long time ago I was a very frequent poster over here. And many will remember and still use the information on my weblog: Well I have been absence for a long time and been busy with a new hobby and...
  3. Luc

    Cork bag delivery dilemma

    I buy my corks in bags oh 100 pieces. I open the bag and use 30 for a batch when bottling. The bag is then open and just sits waiting till I bottle my next batch, which can be months later. I close it by folding the plastic back till it looks closed and put a rubber band over it. I have done...
  4. Luc

    oh oh....a double yeast

    Don't worry. Yeast is a living thing and will multiply in your wine. Adding two packets of yeast is the same effect as adding 1 packet an hour earlier. How is that ??? Well each yeast cell will replicate itself in about an hour. So no harm is done. Only thing is that saturation with yeast will...
  5. Luc

    Starfruit wine a disappointment

    Lesson learned !!! This is exact the reason why I always tell people to make the wine from scratch and never use a recipe. Fruit may vary from season to season and sugar levels, acid levels and flavor may vary enormously. Next time start with tasting the fruit and measure SG and acid levels...
  6. Luc


    Yep, Did not read the thread very well now, did I ??? Luc
  7. Luc


    Yes it is Steve, I disagree with you. Why use 1.085 as a lead for your SG if you do not know what the number is about. If you do not know or want to know these things why measure at all ??? It is an essential part of this hobby. 2.6 grams sugar makes the Sg go up 1 point. Half of it wil convert...
  8. Luc

    Bottling 1 gallon (process)

    Just rack directly into the bottles, why bother racking into a bucket first ??? Saves you a lot of hassle. Luc
  9. Luc

    The use of raisins in secondary

    Take care with raisins. Sure they do a lot of good but there is a downside: they are heavily sulphited. Make sure to use the right raisins: dark for a red wine and white ones for a white wine. The dark ones might color your white wine........ Also be aware that raisins are 50% sugar. So...
  10. Luc

    14 lb of Rhubarb

    There is no need to use chalk to bring the acidity down. Use my method: it works like a charm and you will keep all flavor: Above story was the theory now how to make a wine with that you can read here which...
  11. Luc

    Oak chips vs. oak powder in primary fermentation

    Either are fine but oak powder is much more difficult to remove as the chips are. You should add the chips (or powder) to a finished wine that is aging. That way you can monitor the devellopment by tasting. You can not do that with a wine that is fermenting. When you think there is enough oak...
  12. Luc

    How to: Remove old wine labels

    I used to put all my empty bottles in my bath and fill it up with hot water. The hundred or so bottles would take me more then half a day to clean up. So now I am doing things differently. I fill 6 to 7 bottles with water (so they won't float) and then put them into a bucket. Then I fill the...
  13. Luc

    bentonite at start?

    So ??? What is the rush. All my wines ckear beautifully without the use of any fining. Time clears all my wines. I realise that we live in an instant gratification society but hey this is winemaking. Wines have to age for one or two years anyhow. So what the heck do a few weeks or months...
  14. Luc

    Tannin or pectolase

    Tannin wil give your wine some extra byte. However in a white wine there will be more acid as in a red wine and therefore one ever uses tannin in a white wine. It is overdoing things and you would not like it. So it is a no-go in a citrus wine. To see what pectic enzymes do read this...
  15. Luc

    cleaning nylon mesh bags

    Use plain nylon stockings. They do a great job and are cheap. Just throw them away when they have done their job. I use them all the time and even made a small DIY project for helping them fill up with pulp: Luc
  16. Luc


    Kevin, If you want to read about all benefits of the refractometer just read my story on this: Luc
  17. Luc

    fresh apple wine

    Completely agreed with Julie. I once did all kinds of experiments for mashing up apples and freezing gained the highest amount of juice and the best taste. you can re-read that story here: And indeed agreed with the...
  18. Luc

    will this be a problem...

    Agreed and disagreed. Yeat inhibits pectic enzymes and not the other way round. That is why pectic enzymes and sulphite are added to the must 24 hours before the yeast is added. Read my story on my weblog about this.
  19. Luc

    To many Raisins?

    Oops. Sorry was meaning to write: So you did not ONLY add raisin flavor AND nutrients but also sugar. Luc
  20. Luc

    Oaking Fruit Wines

    I do oak some of my wines but not all. Best use is in strong flavored reds. So I oak my plum wines (which are blush but have much flavor) and my elderberry wines. Do not oak white wines. It just does not suit them. Luc