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  1. Julie

    Nova Scotian here

    Welcome to winemakingtalk
  2. Julie

    Hi everyone, new here wanting to make country wines!

    Welcome to winemakingtalk
  3. Julie

    Greetings, makers!

    Welcome to winemakingtalk
  4. Julie

    new member

  5. Julie

    Help! Did I Kill It?

    As everyone has said, mold. And I agree, skim the mold off, rack it to a carboy, k-meta it and put an airlock on it. And I think after a couple of days, I would take a little taste of it.
  6. Julie

    New kid n the block

    Welcome to winemakingtalk
  7. Julie

    Is dandelion wine worth the work? Opinions please!

    I know a lot of people like dandelion wine but to be honest, the amount of work you have to put into it just isn't worth it. You should see if you can buy a bottle somewhere to taste it to see if it is something you would like
  8. Julie


    Welcome to Winemakingtalk
  9. Julie

    (Hopefully) All juice Mulberry

    it will add body to a thin wine
  10. Julie

    Newbie from PA

    Hi Patti S welcome to WMT, we actually are not far from each other. I live in Saxonburg.
  11. Julie

    Oaking Blackberry Jam Wine

    No I haven't used any oak during secondary fermentation and I am thinking yes this would be an opportune time for some oak. Also, taste the wine before removing the oak, time lines are good but tasting is better.
  12. Julie

    Oaking Blackberry Jam Wine

    I use cubes and leave them in for 6 weeks and I do it during bulk aging.
  13. Julie

    Oaking Blackberry Jam Wine

    Hi Jeffrob, Normally I use 3 oz. of Hungarian Oak in my blackberry and this is for a five gallon batch. I won't use more than 1 oz for a one gallon batch
  14. Julie

    Walkers Juice Pail

    about two weeks
  15. Julie

    Original Skeeter Pee Recipe

    I just use the amount from one batch of wine
  16. Julie

    Mrs JohnT.

    Glad to hear this JohnT
  17. Julie

    Mrs JohnT.

    Wishing the best for her and you JohnT
  18. Julie

    Adding spices to wine

    I would wait until after fermentation then add it
  19. Julie

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!