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  1. pete1325

    Shipping wine

    Go to the U-Line website and buy the Styrofoam protected boxes. You can buy them in two, four and six bottle boxes. take them to a FedEx store and ship them. when they ask what's in the box, tell them Balsamic Vinegar. And off they go.
  2. pete1325

    Juice Buckets. Confirm my thoughts please

    Hi all, just need to confirmation to my thoughts. i purchased three wine juice buckets, they arrive while I was on vacation. My cousin helped out by picking them up and dropping them of in my garage. in the past I would add my own yeast but have had them start to ferment on their on without...
  3. pete1325

    Apple cider fermentation question

    Hi, all. just wondering about some apple cider I'm trying to ferment. The jug said, in very fine print, it had Sorbate added for preservatives. Knowing this was added to stop any natural fermentation I pitch yeast anyway. It's been almost a week and very little action. Did I just waste three...
  4. pete1325

    New Barrels for Forum Members

    Fred, just checking to see if/when you will be placing orders for barrels.
  5. pete1325

    New Barrels for Forum Members

    Fred, just following up to see if you received my last PM regarding barrels. I will take another 25L barrel. Please return a PM letting me know you have one ordered for me. we can work out payment later. it will ship to my home in Illinois, 60103.
  6. pete1325

    New Barrels for Forum Members

    Fred, I'll take another 25 L barrel. Let me know the total, with shipping to 60103, same address as my last two. PM with questions. Thanks, Pete
  7. pete1325

    What is your most embarrassing memory?

    After a couple years of this hobby, I let a cousin taste a bottle, I thought wasn't bad, he took a sip looked me straight in the eye and said, if you could bottle the taste of ass that's what it would taste like. we still laugh.
  8. pete1325

    from bulk aging to bottling....

    Different strokes for different folks. I rack into a bucket with a spigot attached to the bottom and fill from a hose attached to the spigot end and use a Ferrari bottle filler. I bottle 100 at a time this way. I drain my bottles on a tree the smell of K-met is strong even after draining. never...
  9. pete1325

    When to barrel?

    Don't overthink it. Oak will dissipate in the bottle and round off any strong oaky flavors. In the end, it's all good.
  10. pete1325

    Those who ferment in a large vat with spigot

    Get the tallest guy in the group with the longest arms to stand by and clear the area durning free run. we've tried different methods, without redrilling the vat and installing a bigger valve and spigot, it's always been a PITA clearing the valve. Part of the process.
  11. pete1325

    When to press

    Yeah, taste has little to do with when I press. The taste can change from racking to racking, every three months or so. specially if you oak during ageing. We press a week after crushing. My first rack is at around 1.100 then let it age in glass or barrels. As said taste has little to do with my...
  12. pete1325

    Extended Vacation what to do with wine barrels?

    Never thought leaving them unattended was an issue. I got mine from Fred and they are pretty tight, after soaking them until tight. I top mine off every so often but never was that concerned and never taste any difference after ageing for a few months. I wouldn't be too worried about leaving...
  13. pete1325

    Vessel Management - Post pressing

    I use 6 gallon buckets as primary fermenters post crush. wait three weeks, rack off the gross lees into glass or small barrels. the buckets are easy to cause of the handles. some lids' have the pour nozzle that pops up for pouring. they also have rubber gaskets when snapped tight won't leak and...
  14. pete1325

    Wild/natural yeast fermentation - no more commercial yeast! ??

    The guys I make wine with never add commercial yeast, they let the native yeast do all the work. I've been adding yeast and turns okay fine. this year I won't, only fifteen gallons. I ferment in bucket and transfer to glass after two weeks. My lids are snap tight with grommets so I can use...
  15. pete1325

    Press "Early" or Run Extended Maceration

    If it were me, I would press and get in glass as well. For EM the skins should be punched down a few times a day or the top skins/grapes will get dried out. We press after a week on the skins and the color is dark and free run is healthy. Why run the risk of messing up all the wine for a little...
  16. pete1325

    Killing Wild Yeast Failed

    Is it necessary to kill off the native yeast before introducing a store bought yeast?
  17. pete1325

    New Barrels for Forum Members

    Fred, Hi, I'm still at the same address as the last time you shipped to Bartlett, IL 60103. let me know how much you need. thanks for all your help coordinating these orders.
  18. pete1325

    New Barrels for Forum Members

    Sounds good, just in time for the Harvest time.
  19. pete1325

    New Barrels for Forum Members

    When do you think they will be in? I ordered a 25L