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  1. Gaius Churchill

    Dry Red Recipe Suggestions

    Hello! Share any dry Red recipes you'd be willing to post! Looking for some good ones to try out.
  2. Gaius Churchill

    Other To use potassium sulphite or not to use potassium sulphite

    Interesting, thank you. What role does sorbate have in backsweetening?
  3. Gaius Churchill

    Other To use potassium sulphite or not to use potassium sulphite

    Hello! This is my first kit I've ever made, for context, however, I am about to stabilize and begin clearing my Fontana Cab kit. Instructions say to add Potassium Sulphite and Potassium Sorbate. I understand the P. Sorbate stabilizes the yeast, but I can't seem to find a satisfactory explanation...
  4. Gaius Churchill

    Hello from Colorado

    Hello! I'm from Colorado trying my hand at Wine, Beer, and Mead Making. I hope to learn enough to one day open a distillery; such has been a dream of mine for about 6 years now. My grandfather made wine for 30 years and gave me most of his supplies, recipies, and instructions he had left to help...
  5. Gaius Churchill

    Fontana Cab

    What effect do the cherries have on the cab? (Thank your for your help, this has been super helpful in learning all this)
  6. Gaius Churchill

    Fontana Cab

    Yes I have some tannin (had to check sorry). How much? Yes still in Primary. Would I smash the blackberries? Would it make it sweet at all?
  7. Gaius Churchill

    Fontana Cab

    I've already added oak as part of the beginning process. My SG was 1.086.
  8. Gaius Churchill

    Fontana Cab

    I just started a 6 gal Fontana cab kit yesterday, any way to save it now that I've already begun 1st fermentation? It's been filled up to the 6 gal mark. Should I add sugar and let it ferment longer? (Super green beginer here, just started wine making and this is my first batch. I just found...