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  1. Green Mountains

    This is me!

    Lovely Wife
  2. Green Mountains

    Newbee question about sugar

    Coach, As Greg stated, the simple syrup is the way to go. Make it by disolving the sugar you want into a small amount of water on the stove. Low heat is enough but stir frequently to avoid burning. There are good guides out there that can tell you how much to add per gallon to raise your...
  3. Green Mountains

    Welchs concentrate in a soda can

    Deal for sure if you don't want a real high end finished product. It will ferment and it will get you drunk. Is Troy here anymore? He had some experience with that.
  4. Green Mountains

    Fermentation Has Not Started

    Greg, While a starter would help don't be so sure that fermentation isn't underway. 24 hours is too soon to tell. More info will help us help you. Do you have your gravity readings from when you started?
  5. Green Mountains

    Still Here

    I'm guessing he's just waiting for me to say, "Welcome back Troy". I've been missing lately too. Wow, wouldn't it be funny if Troy and I were the same?? Is that possible .............. Nahhhhhhhh
  6. Green Mountains

    How can I make Jager?

    Jager bombs are good food
  7. Green Mountains

    Chat room?

    Chat room anybody?
  8. Green Mountains

    How many gallons do you make a year?

    Currently 36 gallons in carboys..... I'm slipping I guess. You don't need to be a big drinker. Just a big thinker.
  9. Green Mountains

    SG has been a 1.000 for 3 weeks

    Yes, that will do it for sure. I love a good Zin.
  10. Green Mountains


  11. Green Mountains

    Wine Kitz - Zinfandel too little volume

    Dan, Val's explanation is where my mind was headed as I read this thread. Though as Dugger says the instructions while very generic in most of the kits I buy should be more specific when it comes to a kit with such a big bag of solids. Your SG probably grew to well above the intended...
  12. Green Mountains

    New to the site

    Welcome aboard from the Green Mountains of Vermont.
  13. Green Mountains

    Airlock or cloth?

    You can do either, I prefer to place the lid on the first 24 hours or so but loosely...just resting on top and then I button it down. Others just use the cloth. If you have no fruit flies or danger of pests getting in...or cats....then you can go that route too. Welcome aboard.
  14. Green Mountains

    It's been brought to my attention...

    Glad I never get upset with anybody on here and lose my cool? :a1 ..... :a1
  15. Green Mountains

    Warning: Check your primary buckets

    Dan, Did not mean to challenge you....perhaps it's just my manner. I don't return things very often to stores, and never send anything back to the kitchen. :d
  16. Green Mountains

    Warning: Check your primary buckets

    Dan, How many primaries did you put through that bucket? I have the same but figure it's due to steady use. I would never consider returning a zip lock baggie after successfully bagging my left overs. Wine making takes wear and tear on things. Just like everything. Everything has a...
  17. Green Mountains

    Love Forums

    The LOVE FORUM is a little ole' place where, WE can GET together.... Love Forum, baby Love Forum...... Glass Carboyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy......... busted...
  18. Green Mountains

    Newbie Question

    The Pee apparently knows no boundries..... experiment and let us know how you do. Welcome to the forum.
  19. Green Mountains

    carboys off cement floors

    Yeah, walmart or Big Lot's if you have them near you.
  20. Green Mountains

    carboys off cement floors

    I use these (gray) on the floor of my wine room. Very nice.