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    Cellar Craft Cellar Craft Showcase Barbera

    Hello, I am fairly new to wine making, started about 16 months ago. So far my favourite is Cellar Craft showcase Barbera which I started about 14 months ago. I wanted to start a new batch but was told in the store it has been discontinued [emoji22] Can you recommend another wine that is similar...
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    Skeeter pee fermenting without yeast

    Hi, I started my 3rd batch of skeeter pee yesterday, prepared everything for adding the yeast slurry later today...except when I checked on it this morning it looks like it is already fermenting. 1. Should I just let it do it’s own thing? 2. If I do add the yeast slurry will the end product be...
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    Sweet reserve instead of 2nd sugar addition?

    Hello, I have some sweet reserve pack left from making white zin as I prefer it dry, just weighted them and they are 8oz each. 1. Would it be ok to use instead of sugar 2. How much would I add, cup for cup? Thanks! Really enjoying this project, skeeter pee is very happily fermenting
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    Storing Skeeter Pee

    Hello, has anyone bottled skeeter pee in large plastic pop bottles? All my wine bottles are tied up with wine production atm and I don’t want to buy any more if I don’t have too...just reusing the bottle and the screw top Thanks in advance
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    Wine bucket question

    Hello, I am new at winemaking, have done about 10 kits so far. So today I picked up a 6 gallon (23 ltr) bucket. Can I do the primary fermentation in the bucket? Thank you :) Corine