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    Germinating seeds from pomace

    Will it work? Or has the alcohol damaged them? Anyone tried it?
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    First Cab With Grapes

    Ordered a pail of frozen must from Brehm Vineyards. This is a 2017 cab from Charlie Smith Vineyard. Supposedly good. Expensive as hell, but should be a fun experiment. Previous wines I've made from grapes were a Marquette last year that so far is mediocre at best, and a LaCrescent that is...
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    Fresh Grape Dilemma

    Hi guys. Thanks for taking the time to check this out. This fall is my first attempt at making wine from fresh grapes. Early season weather has been very kind in Southwest Wisconsin and our local vineyard has had some really great crops this year. I'd been planning on doing two batches of...
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    Too Much Oak

    Well $hitballs. My LE17 NZ Merlot was coming along really nicely. I added two spirals of oak for the past 2-3 weeks. Its been about 5 or 6 days since I tasted, and the oak is overpowering. Very green tasting oak. It was American Medium Toast. Anyway, I think I read that the oak will fade...
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    WineXpert Symphony Kit

    Has anyone ever made this one? I ordered one from Adventures In Homebrewing, thinking I'd ordered on of the previous 18L kits as that is what was advertised on their site (both the picture and the description), but instead they sent me a 16L kit. The 18L kit was described to have a flavor...
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    Another 2018 Grape Plan Thread

    This fall will be the first time not using a kit or juice. I've decided to try to use some local grapes from our U pick vineyard about an hour away. Since I just basically know what I'm doing and this is my first try with grapes, I'm going to limit my batches. I'm going to see about getting...
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    Chicago - Santa Fe Grape Distributors

    Anybody know of them, buy from them in the past? Figure they're probably the closest place I can get fresh grapes. In southern Wisconsin.
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    Anyone add fresh/frozen grapes to their kit?

    I have a couple red kits, a WE Luna Rossa and a LE17 New Zealand Merlot that didnt come with grape packs. After watching the youtube videos on Extended Maceration, I'd really like to try to boost these kits with some fruit. Has anybody used the Allgrape packs before? Do you think its even...