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    I have two different wines in two different carboys. One (3 gal) has been sitting 8 months and the other (5 gal) has been sitting at least 9 months. I took a flashlight and saw small bubbles climbing up to the neck of the 5 gal blueberry so I knew to leave it alone. The 3 gal bronze (I call it...
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    Clearing short cut?

    I remember reading something about this on here before. Here’s my thought/question; The nights have been in the low 40s around here. I have some carboys that are 3, 4, and 5 months in the process. If I were to sit one or more of these out at night and then bring them back in 1) would it...
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    Smelling can fool you

    Night before last I was in my shed. I remembered I had some leftover must/leeves from a racking. Maybe 1 1/2 quarts. I had let the wine and the sediment separate then poured the leftover liquid in a jug a couple weeks earlier. When I opened it I smelled a "ruined" fruit smell. So I'm thinking...
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    Bitter taste

    A buddy of mine is trying his hand at making wine. I think in his process he probably busted quite a few seeds and they are now 2 weeks in the must. He is going to rack tonight and says it tastes pretty bitter. If the seeds, or anything else, is the cause is there a corrective action he can...
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    Bottling & Degassing

    I've had wine in some carboys for a while now. These are the same ones I've talked about a while back. I don't have any notes and I have been trying to figure out if it's ready to bottle. When I shake it I get some "mild" fizz out of it as in carbonation.The other day I did an experiment. I took...
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    Degassing Observation and Question

    I racked some of my carboys yesterday. These are the 3 I didn't keep notes on. One of them that I took a sample out of puzzled me. I used the vacum val on the (plastic) carboy - no sign of carbonation taking place, even sucked the sides in a bit. I then took some, put it in a container, shook...
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    Attempting Apple Wine

    I've been youtube'n and reading on here about apple wine. I bought some from a local winery and it was pretty good. I haven't had much good experience on "bought" wine. I bought 3 - 1/2 bushel bags of gala apples. My taste buds says gala's are about some of the better tasting apples I've ran...
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    D.D. Dragon's Blood question

    First of all, A big thank you to Danger Dave for sharing his recipe and the many folks who's chimed in with their versions. So I started my second batch. This one I'm taking notes! The first one is still in the carboy. I'll probably do some checking on it next week. Up front my question is -...
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    Racking and P. Sorbate questions

    I have a couple of carboys. One I think needs racking. I think it's been about 2-3 days since it has left the primary fermentation. I didn't take notes because I knew I'd remember. Funny, the first wine I made I took notes.., That has got me to thinking it was probably somewhere at or after the...
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    I've watched a couple of videos the last couple of days on wine making. I noticed a couple of experienced hands when they sanitized with Star San they didn't bother to rinse the star san residue out. As a matter of fact I know I saw star san foam on the bucket wall a couple of times before the...
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    Potassium Metabisulphate & Glycerin Question

    Coming from a newbie; I have some wine in carboys that I was going to bottle. A couple are from Welch's 100 percent grape juice.The other one is Welch's and scuppernongs(aka scuppernines down south). About a week ago I poured a sample out into another small container and did the shake test. I...
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    Just thought I'd do something besides troll :) and say hey. I made wine last year and most of it turned out pretty dang good, (the other busted). I'm seeing yall do stuff that I'll probably need to pick up on. Anyway, just wanted to extend my appreciation for your knowledge.