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    Wine group

    Is there any wine club/ group in the Del Co. area or Philadelphia area ?
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    Crush day

    I crushed 18 lugs of 169 Cab Sav and 14 lugs of Lanza PS. I was a little disappointed with the PS brix where only 22 . The Cab came in at 25 . The ph on both was 3.5 so I added 10 lbs of sugar in the PS brought it up to 24 .
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    169 Clone Cab Sav

    I’m making 14 lugs of Lanza PS too
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    169 Clone Cab Sav

    Has anyone ever used these grapes before? I ordered 14 lugs from Gino Pinto
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    Nebbiolo grapes from CA

    That’s too expensive for me!! I can’t see spending 215$ for 3 gallons of wine.
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    Nebbiolo grapes from CA

    Yea that’s where I bought my grapes this year , 500 lbs of Merlot and 500 lbs of Cab Franc from Washington.
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    Nebbiolo grapes from CA

    Has anyone in this group bought Nebbiolo grapes from CA?? If so how did the wine turn out? I’m thinking about doing a batch of Nebbiolo this year. Thanks
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    57 gallon Hungarian oak barrel for sale I used it for 3 seasons . Asking 170$ I live in the Philadelphia area.
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    Marchisio Stainless Steel Variable Capacity Wine Tank - 200 liter

    Where in Jersey do u live?
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    Feeler: (2) 200L Marchisio Variable Capacity Tanks

    Are these still available?
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    Anyone interested in purchasing a new press and crusher?

    Is the press you have a bladder press?