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    When to pick

    I was out to lunch with a wine making friend today. (he makes really good wines). I asked what was his epiphany with learning to make wine. From his response the thing that stood out to me was to pick the grapes on pH not on Brix/Baume. His target is to not add Tartaric acid during the...
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    New Technology

    Ok, in principle I am against guns but if you have to have one then this is how they should be:h
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    Smelly Glasses

    On the week end, I helped out at a local wine competition. I was washing the glasses so that the judges had "clean" glasses to drink from. We took the glasses from their boxes, washed/scrubbed them in a weak glass detergent solution, and rinsed. Allowing them to air dry. Once it was all...
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    Port without spirits?

    As a going in point "I like Port". The problem really is that here in Australia the duty on pure alcohol is $79 per litre. This makes the manufacture of port at home uneconomic. Although I have done it with good success. It is more practical to buy ready made, but nowhere near the fun...
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    Does the glass make a difference

    Thought I would like to offer an opportunity for everyone to fill in some idle time with a challenge. My experience says yes it does, but the proof is in what YOU get. The challenge is when you sit down to a bottle of wine, have a few different glasses in front of you(up to 5). As you...
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    Screw cap bottles

    On another thread, JohnT made the comment "STAY AWAY FROM SCREW CAP BOTTLES". As I use screw cap bottles almost exclusively, I thought a comment was required. I use Novatwist caps. After a quick search, I see that these were mentioned and generally discarded back in 2011. My suggestion is...
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    Dripline end closures

    I was putting in my drip line irrigation and needed to seal the ends of the hose. I know there are special "ends" that can be purchased or use cable ties, but I was there and had an excess of fence wire staples. I folded over the end of the hose, and pushed the staple on from the end...
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    Start fermenting with wine

    On the basis that there is no such thing as a dumb question, I'm going out there... Each year so far, I have bought yeast. First year, 25g packet - didn't last long before I had to go out and get more for other experiments. All my wines are experiments. Last year, I bought 500g - way more...