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  1. Bliorg

    Source for 30X60BVS/BVP 30mm screw-top bottles for use with Novatwist?

    Hi all - I've searched and can't find an answer: I want to bottle some upcoming wines with Novatwist caps, and they require 30mm screw-top (30X60BVS/BVP) finish bottles. My usual sources are all 28mm. Anyone have any sources for the oddball size? Thanks! Scott
  2. Bliorg

    FF: Two three-packs of Buon Vino Super Jet #3 Fine filters

    Hi all - I ended up buying Super Jet filters when I meant to order Mini Jet filters, so I have two 3-packs of #3/Fine filters. Free for postage. I have no use for them, figured someone here might. They'll go in either a smallish box or a padded envelope. Thanks, Scott
  3. Bliorg

    Name that Haze!

    Hi all - So I've got this '18 sauv blanc from Washington State juice. Nothing remarkable about the winemaking, but was a little hazy before bottling. I ran it through a #2 filter on the Mini Jet and it looked brilliant. Bottled, laid up. A few months after bottling it got hazy and...
  4. Bliorg

    Fortifying blueberry to a port?

    Hi All - I know this can be done, and I'm vaguely clear on the steps, but need a bit more definition before I try this. I just racked 6 gallons of blueberry wine, which fermented to 0.990, and would like to take a couple gallons and fortify to a port. This was made with the frozen wild...
  5. Bliorg

    Strawberry wine pH - too low?

    Hi all - I have a batch of strawberry wine in primary right now, though it's getting racked this weekend. Just tasted it, and it's sour to the point of undrinkable. I titrated acid and adjusted to 0.6% before fermentation per the kit instructions using acid blend. pH right now is at 3.1...