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  1. Terry0220

    Happy Birthday Julie!!

    Just want to shout out to you (yes I am hanging out my window) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOO YYYOOOOOUUUUUUOOOOOOO!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! :hb :f2 :f1
  2. Terry0220

    High TA reading

    I have a mixed berry (blackberry, elderberry, raspberry, blueberry and (shhh) welches grape juice) started it back on Oct. 29th. Starting sg was 1.085 ta was at 60%, fermented and it has been bulk aging since 12/2. I backsweetened it on 12/20 it is at 1.006. I want to sweeten it up some more...
  3. Terry0220

    WineXpert Should my White Wine Kit be this color?

    Just opened my WE Angel Blanco kit poured it into the primary and added the water to bring it up to 6 gals. The only other white wine kit I had done was a Riesling, and it wasn't this color. Do you think there is something wrong with it? Taste was ok,,didn't seem to have an off taste,,just...
  4. Terry0220

    Need help picking out a kit to make a port

    Need help picking out a kit to make a port. Sitting having Christmas dinner with my parents and enjoying some of the wine we made, I asked my dad (who will be turning 85 in Feb) since he likes to have a glass or two of port each evening, if he would like me to get a port kit and we could make...
  5. Terry0220


    Feeling a little more relaxed with my Riesling (juice bucket from Luva Bella's) checked the sg 1.040 so it is fermenting,,temp is around 68. I read that white's should be kept at a cooler temp. so I turned off the extra heater downstairs. Stirred it this morning and saw the little bubbles of...
  6. Terry0220

    A Poem for Newtown, CT

    Since I keep seeing response to the shooting there, I thought I would post this poem I received this morning, after all the first post was about the shooting and this little email I received has helped me in thinking of those poor little children. Here it is: T’was 11 days before...
  7. Terry0220

    Feel like a kid on Christmas!

    Today I felt like a kid again, sneaking downstairs to peek in my juice bucket! Like Christmas morning all over again. This is my first juice pail, it is a Reisling. I just got it yesterday and this morning opened it up,,ahhhhh the aroma that greated me,,,,,any way I know it should be...
  8. Terry0220

    Not sure?????

    Not sure if my strawberry is re-fermenting or I still need to de-gas more. Stablized on 9/5 added sorbate & pot meta along with an f-pak, sg went to 1.006,,figure it was ok and waited. Had hubby take a taste and we both agreed that it need alittle more sweetening to help bring out the fruit...
  9. Terry0220

    Just my thought for the day

    Came across this today, kinds makes me happy that I have glasses,,,lol! Everyone keep safe and enjoy your day!
  10. Terry0220

    Empty Carboy and pending Storm

    Last week I looked at my two empty carboys, waiting to be filled. Today I figured it was a good day to fill them. With the news of the storm being bad, even where I live, I decided to fill those two empty 5 & 6 gal carboys with water, just in case the power does go out for a while, at least I...
  11. Terry0220

    What a day!

    Started the day out by taking out my frozen peaches. I could have sworn that I had more,,me thinks the youngest daughter helped herself to some when I wasn't around, oh well, at least they didn't go to waste. I even went as far as looking through all three freezer compartments to make sure...
  12. Terry0220

    Newbe starting to run with the big dogs,,

    I finally got up the nerve to make some wine from fruit and not just by using the kits. Oh the kits are great,,I have made a few! But when you step outside of the box and do it all alone,,it is a great experience! I had picked 25 lbs of strawberries, cleaned, cored, sliced and put in the...
  13. Terry0220

    Hello from Saxonburg PA!!

    Hello to all! I have enjoyed reading the post for the last week. I have gotten great tips, new ideas and most of all more confidence in my new hobby!