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  1. crcarey

    Apple juice 13.5 brix - add sugar?

    I am making apple wine. I have apple juice with a sugar of 13.5 brix. Should I add sugar?
  2. crcarey

    Bottled mulled wine

    In the winter we love doing mulled wine In the crockpot. While wine tasting today we came across a wine called winter spice, it was amazing. Mulled wine In a bottle. Anyone ever make this and have any recipes?
  3. crcarey

    Digital/Wireless Hydrometer - iSpindel, Tilt or Plaato?

    I have been running mine for a few weeks and running great. In a batch of Chilean Malbec currently reading .994 with not much change over the last few days. For those that have used the tilt, is .994 looking good? Think it’s done?
  4. crcarey

    Bottled wine fizzy

    Hey all - I made some Chilean Carmenere in 2017. Was great when I bottled it (degassed and bottled with all in one wine pump) and have been drinking it and it has been pretty good. I had bottle about 4 months ago and tasted the same as it did the day I bottled it. Tonight I opened a bottle and...
  5. crcarey

    Digital/Wireless Hydrometer - iSpindel, Tilt or Plaato?

    For those with tilt, do you drop it in your red wine for extended times during primary ferment? Or I guess I would be thinking just leave it in he Carnot for like a month or so?
  6. crcarey

    2017 merlot re-gassing??

    When I tasted after I shook it and aerated, it tasted a little funky...
  7. crcarey

    2017 merlot re-gassing??

    This was one of the only times I didn’t put potassium sorbate in but it was measuring .990. I just checked 2 other batches I did the same exact way and one tasted perfect and the other like the merlot.
  8. crcarey

    2017 merlot re-gassing??

    I opened a bottle of my 2017 merlot. It was good when I bottled it, degassed with all in one wine pump, added k metta. I have a had a few bottles and all was good. The last 2 bottles I opened were gas city. If I place my hand over the bottle and give a shake it blows of pretty good. Any idea on...
  9. crcarey

    Any tips for removing wine bottle labels?

    I put all bottles in oven at 225 for 15 minutes. Most labels peal right off. The ones that don't are usually papery types that fall right off in water. Use a fresh razor blade and change them often. Final Cleaning with scotchbrite pad from dollar store. Did use steel wool but didn't last as long...
  10. crcarey

    Wild yeast - Juice pails

    I have made about 30 batches of wine from 5 gallon juice pails and have never added yeast or inoculated. I have had no issues of stuck or low alcohol fermentations. The issue I have is that my ferment seems to be really slow. To get below 1.000 it takes almost a month. My temperature always...
  11. crcarey

    First attempt at dragons blood - should I be worried

    Thank you, yeast is ec-1118
  12. crcarey

    First attempt at dragons blood - should I be worried

    I pitched my yeast yesterday morning and have this today at 5pm. Temp is 72, not much peculating yet. Thoughts?
  13. crcarey

    Wine Making in the Garage

    I had a similar situation but in my basement. I built a fermentation chamber. Nothing crazy, if you search Google pictures you'll find a boy load of ideas. It also helped me to keep my ferment temps at 70 with a temperature controller on a space heater.
  14. crcarey

    Chilean juice 2017

    Alma de chile here. Going to try Carmenere, Malbec and Pinot noir, well and maybe one more....
  15. crcarey

    Sediment in bottles!

    I've had the same thing in the past. This year I'm I'm adding one more vacuum racking (brought up to 70 degree from 52 and to rack and placing back to bulk age at 70degrees) and letting it sitting another 2 months.
  16. crcarey

    Allinonewinepump - degassing prior to bulk storing??

    Hey Steve, thanks for he call last night!!! Can't beat that service. Think then allinone will pull gas out if I rack at 55 degrees?
  17. crcarey

    Allinonewinepump - degassing prior to bulk storing??

    After the primary ferment and racking for bulk aging do you guys use the allinonewinepump to degas some prior to bulk aging? Historically, I have gravity racked and bulk aged for 5 months then used the allinone for degassing and bottling. I feel though all the sediment doesn't completely drop...
  18. crcarey

    How degassed does my wine have to be to continue?

    I always bulk age for 6 months at 50 degrees, then bring to 70 degrees, then degas, then stabilize let sit for a few hours, then bottle.