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  1. JamesGrape

    Chest freezer fermentation

    Great point, thanks.
  2. JamesGrape

    Chest freezer fermentation

    I use a chest freezer with an inkbird controller that cycles power between the freezer and a interior heating element. I put a fermentation bucket in the freezer, and this has worked very well to control fermentation temp. I’m wondering if anyone here has used a chest freezer for larger...
  3. JamesGrape

    Sump Pump Questions

    And if you go with underground pipe ask about using perforated pipe wrapped in landscape fabric. That allows some of the water to percolate into the ground. The fabric keeps the perforations from clogging.
  4. JamesGrape

    Sump Pump Questions

    Gravity is your best friend in this case. My understanding of code in my own area is that storm water must be allowed to run into your property as nature intended before any development, and then to run off your property as nature intended. But what you do with it while it’s on your own lot is...
  5. JamesGrape

    Wine Making Setup.. Let's see it!

    You can also use wheeled shelves instead of the sliding tracks. It might give more options for movement. The shelving units with wheels are very common, the kits can be made full or half height, with or without wheels.
  6. JamesGrape

    Fresh Chilean juice just arrived, on a U-Haul and banged up...

    Those pics are shocking - you will surely be successful with your claim.
  7. JamesGrape

    What is this sealant?

    I try to find out. It’s gotta be a high-volume automated process. Here is a pic of three bottles. The pattern is only slightly different in each. You can see here that the material does not contact the glass. And it’s a fancy bottle without a paper label. Link below. Seeing it makes think...
  8. JamesGrape

    What's in your glass tonight?

    I’m reading that chilled reds are an in thing for summer. Works for me. So we are making some ice glasses for fun.
  9. JamesGrape

    Washington Imperial Stout Mead - The Darkest Sin -

    At my age dank = mildewy, Good to know it’s now complimentary like “sick”, lol.
  10. JamesGrape

    What is this sealant?

    Just opend a bottle of wine that had a very pretty sealant. The cork was inset about 1/4 inch. And it looked like some type of greenish resin was added to the top - and given a swirl of inner glittery gold to create a pattern in the resin. Sort of like what you might see in a pricey coffee...
  11. JamesGrape

    Post a photo, any photo

    My wife said the vineyard was totally out of control. Trimming even one vine was a battle she said. She’s such a drama queen.
  12. JamesGrape

    Aging Mead, questions

    I went ahead and racked the mead off the lees into a sanitized bucket. I was a bit surprised at the small amount of fine lees. I used an organic apple juice with pulp - thinking the apple pulp in a mead might be kinda sorta analogous to grape skins in a wine - so I expected more lees. I...
  13. JamesGrape

    Aging Mead, questions

    I hope this isn’t a hijack - but will aging mead with charred oak change the color of the mead? I have a first trial batch of apple cinnamon mead that is just a few weeks past fermentation and I thought I might add oak chips to enhance its aging. I thought I would try to simulate bourbon...
  14. JamesGrape

    Low carb wine / Keto diet

    I wish I could recommend, but I will have to follow. Sounds like you will get to try some new wines - fun!
  15. JamesGrape

    Low carb wine / Keto diet

    I read that in a simplistic view - your body first burns alcohol, then sugar, then carbs, People on keto diets often take planned cheat days where they ignore the diet restrictions. A cheat day just stalls your weight loss progress for a couple of days. I’d say plan to enjoy wine you like...
  16. JamesGrape

    Stupid or brilliant?

    It is now your decision to be brilliant or stupid - the attitude you take now will determine that. You are now a valuable free agent who might be available to the highest bidder - but only on your timing and terms - and only if the situation is right for you - not just right for the needs of...
  17. JamesGrape

    Vancouver Islander here to drink and be merry!

    Welcome Jon. Getting the sommelier qualification looks like an enviable accomplishment that could open many doors for you. I have seen sommelier job openings posted by successful companies in incredible vacation spots around the world. It seems a perfect compliment to wine making, in...
  18. JamesGrape

    FREE Wine Kits for a Year Giveaway

    I like the wine expert vintners reserve Shiraz.
  19. JamesGrape

    Book recommedations?

    For wine chemistry: Winery Technology and Operations By Dr. Yair Margolit