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  1. rustbucket

    Mosti Mondiale Raisins and Grape Skins

    I'm making a Renaissance Nebbiolo, my first Mosti Mondiale branded kit. Starting it today, I noticed that it came with oak chips, a grape pack, and a raisin pack. The instructions say to put only one of the fruit packs in, but not both. I chose the grape pack. Oak chips are slated to go into the...
  2. rustbucket

    WineXpert Piesporter Wine Kit

    In 2017, I bottled the Winexpert Selection Original Piesporter Style Wine Kit. This wine is very well liked by a few of my neighbors wives. Unfortunately, I only have 6 bottles left. Winexpert no longer has this kit listed on their website. Checking my local wine kit supplier, as well as every...
  3. rustbucket

    Fabulous Photo

    This photo was posted on a Reddit wine making forum by u/NeverStopWandering. He didn't say where it was taken but it is a awesome picture.
  4. rustbucket

    Mosti Mondiale Master Vintner Volcanic Reaction

    I started a Master Vintner Pino Noir 10L kit on August 5th with a SG of 1.092 and the using Lalvin EC-1118 yeast that came in the kit. Mosti Mondiale yeast nutrient from the kit was added when the SG got down to 1.050 per the instructions. I was supposed to rack the wine at between SG=1.020 and...
  5. rustbucket

    Criminal Investigating Sommelier

    I just finished reading a book about a female sommelier who is also a criminal investigator. Combining a food and wine tasting festival setting with a criminal mystery made the book interesting to me. I've been involved with putting together a wine and food festival in Miami and could easily...
  6. rustbucket

    Making Raspberry Wine without Raspberries

    My wife loves anything made with raspberries so I decided to make a RJS Rockin Raspberry Rose wine kit. Everything in the wine making process for this kit went normally and the wine is now in the clearing stage. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of reading the box label after racking the wine...
  7. rustbucket

    Agglomerate Corks in Commercial Wine Production

    I just opened a 2013 bottle of Black Mountain Zinfandel that I've had in my wine cellar for a few years. It was sealed with an agglomerated cork which I found unusual. In my experience, commercial wineries generally use good quality corks. I cant help but wonder, 'why risk a winery's...
  8. rustbucket

    $7 Shiraz from Aldi Beat a $375 Bottle of Wine in Competition

    This headline caught my eye. The competition was only for Australian Shiraz but the win still represents quit a accomplishment for Aldi's supplier. The complete story is here.
  9. rustbucket

    Does Alcohol Level Affect Wine Quality

    Recently, I noticed that the home made wines in my cellar with alcohol levels in the 11% are more complex than the 13% wines after a year of aging. It got me wondering if high alcohol levels inhibit wine development. While this assessment is subjective based on a small sampling, I'd be curious...
  10. rustbucket

    RJ Spagnols Foaming - Australian Cabernet Shiraz Merlot

    I had 3 inches of foaming that spilled out of the primary fermenter air lock last night. This is the 5th day of fermentation and the SG is 1.035 having started at 1.094 when inoculation took place. The yeast that I'm using is Red Star Pasteur Red. I used this yeast exactly a year ago for a...
  11. rustbucket

    WineXpert New Limited Release: Eclipse Nocturnal Wine Making Kit With Grape Skins

    Just announced, a new GSM style release coming in July. I like GSM blends and will be anxious to try this one.:HB "A new Limited Release Eclipse wine is coming this July. Hailing from Languedoc France, Eclipse Nocturnal is a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and Cinsault harvested under the...
  12. rustbucket

    Alkaline vs. Oxygen Cleaners

    I have decided that One Step No Rinse Cleaner works better for cleaning plastic carboys than Craft Meister Alkaline Brewery Wash. I bought the Alkaline cleaner recently to replace a jar of One Step that had only a few ounces of the cleaner remaining. Homebrew Supply's description for the Craft...
  13. rustbucket

    Walmart Carboy

    While looking for picture frame wire at my local Walmart, I noticed some 3 and 5 gallon carboys on the top shelf of the next aisle. The construction of the bottles is similar to the Better Bottle. The only exception is the top of the neck. The Better Bottle has a rounded edge at the top that...
  14. rustbucket

    Juice Bucket Chianti

    I have learned so much in the past year from reading Daniel Pambianchi's book "Techniques in Home Winemaking"; and I have learn a great deal more from reading the posts in the Wine Making Talk forum. However, I've also been humbled by what I've read as it makes me realize just how inexperienced...
  15. rustbucket

    Degassing during Bulk Aging

    I've got a Wine Expert Luna Bianca started and intend to bulk age it in the carboy. Do I still need to degas the wine or will it degas on its own during the six months I plan on leaving it in the carboy?