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  1. ceeaton

    What are you listening to tonight...

    This is obviously just for fun, but I thought it would be interesting to post a few lines of a song you are listening to and see if anyone can guess the song and artist. Being online from home the last few months with this COVID stuff, I've found it is really hard to gauge the intent and...
  2. ceeaton

    What to do with lot's of green tomatoes?

    Living in South Central PA, we've had a bit of rain as of late. 13 inches last week, already over an inch this week. The lower end of my garden plot I planted my tomatoes in this year (I rotate plots every year) doesn't drain very well, and I now have six paste tomato plants on the way out, and...
  3. ceeaton

    Guinness in the Mid-Atlantic

    This is an interesting article a friend of mine (I do have a couple) just sent me. Didn't hear anything prior to this, sounds really interesting, and it's close enough for a day trip to boot!
  4. ceeaton

    Issues with Label Peelers?

    Anyone else had issues with lately? Normally they give prompt service with incredible customer support. I made an order last Saturday, which they would normally process on Monday and ship. The order was created and "Awaiting Shipment" but didn't ship until Tuesday evening, which...
  5. ceeaton

    2018 Harford Vineyard Chilean Grape/Juice Pickup

    Appears that Kevin got the website up a little earlier than I remember last year, just got an email. I didn't remember juices from South Africa last year, but I may have been sleep walking through the Spring. Dear Winemakers, South African & Chilean Grape / Juice is now live and available for...
  6. ceeaton

    An Irma prayer

    If you've watched the weather forecast, or even play fantasy football, you've heard the news of the large storm approaching from the Caribbean. Here's a sample of some of the not nice things that may happen: A potentially catastrophic storm surge for Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina If...
  7. ceeaton

    2017 Harford Vineyard Chilean Grape/Juice Pickup

    Just posting this thread in case someone is actually picking up juice buckets/grapes this Spring at Harford Vineyards. Sounds like things are due to get rolling this coming weekend. Still waiting for the final confirmation via email. Anyone planning to pick up juice? Just wondering if I should...
  8. ceeaton

    Bohemian Pilsner

    Last attempt at a lager before the basement warms up too much. Recipe from Greg Noonan's book Brewing Lager Beer (pg 181). 6.5 lbs Weyermann Pilsner Malt 1 lb 20L Weyermann Munich Malt 1/2 lb Dingemans Carapils malt 1 oz Czech Saaz pellets (2.2 AA) 60 min 1 oz Mt Hood pellets (6.5 AA) 60 min 2...
  9. ceeaton

    Yer Avridge Bitter - continuous hop version

    This is all @Boatboy24 's fault. Had made me make a Dogfish head 60 minute IPA last weekend, and decided to try the hop schedule on a normal English bitter. Recipe follows: 6.1 lbs Pale Ale malt (Avangard Malt) 8 oz 80L Crystal malt Hops: 8 g Apollo Hops, 17 AA, 75 minutes, 19.8 IBU UK East...
  10. ceeaton

    Dogfish Head 60 min IPA clone try #1

    Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA clone Try #1 9 lbs Avangard Pale Malt 8 oz 80L Crystal Malt 1 lb MF Amber Dry Extract (I know, cheating a bit) 8 oz Sugar 24 g Warrior Hops 15.8% AA, added in 2 g increments every 5 min from 60 min to 5 min left in boil 24 g Simcoe Hops 12.9% AA, added in 2 g...
  11. ceeaton


    7 lbs Avangard Pilsner Malt 1 lb Avangard 20L Munich Malt 1 lb Avangard 10L Munich Malt 6 oz MF 80L Crystal Malt 8 oz Sugar (table sugar) 1 oz German Perle pellet hops - 60 min (4.5 AA - 14.6 IBU) .5 oz German Perle pellet hops - 20 min (4.5 AA - 4.8 IBU) SafLager S-189 dry yeast Infusion Mash...
  12. ceeaton

    Yer Averidge Bitter

    Trying to keep my New Years resolution, I'm going to make an all grain batch on my day off tomorrow. My notes say I haven't made a batch since last February (yikes), this wine making thing is becoming too much of a priority. One of the first books I got when I started making beer (circa 1990)...
  13. ceeaton

    Apple wine on the cheap

    Since I have a limited budget this Fall/Winter, I've been spending most of my wine making time racking wine and occasionally bottling a batch. Needed some excitement, but on a limited budget. So started searching around and noticed a book by my bedside that my kids bought me for my birthday back...
  14. ceeaton

    Local Cabernet Franc grapes

    Figured I'd start a thread since there aren't many on Cab Franc, especially ones from Spring Grove, PA. My record keeping also isn't the best so this is a nice place to put measurements so I don't lose them. Picked up my grapes this afternoon. Picked this morning/crushed and destemmed. Paid...
  15. ceeaton

    Zinfandel: how do you prefer to oak it?

    I'm ordering about 100 lbs of Zinfandel from Harford Vineyards this fall, and since I need to order some new Sodium Hydroxide solution (since mine has lost it's punch) I'm thinking of ordering oak for my Fall grape batches. The two white juice buckets don't need any oak (Pinot Grigio and White...
  16. ceeaton

    Lot's of 26 yr olds born today

    Noticed quite a few birthdays mentioned at the bottom of the page. Must have been a stormy weekend in October 26+ years ago!
  17. ceeaton

    Pinot Noir Optimal numbers

    I have a Chilean Pinot Noir Juice bucket that measures pH 3.69, TA 3.5g/L, SG 1.085. I have never made wine from this variety of grape before and I have 18 lbs of grapes stewing in Lallzyme EX-V at the moment, in a separate container (ie. the numbers are without the grapes being added yet)...
  18. ceeaton

    Temperature of reagents

    Does anyone know if you need to allow your Sodium Hydroxide solution to warm up to room temperature before testing TA? I keep mine in the refrigerator as has been suggested here to increase it's longevity. Wasn't really thinking about it until I realized that if a pH meter doesn't adjust for...
  19. ceeaton

    Wine Diamonds in a red wine?

    Merlot - pH 3.52 TA 6.0g/L SG 0.992 @ 72*F - pitched MLB - added 2 oz medium french oak chips These are my Merlot blend numbers from last spring (yeast originally pitched 5-10-15), a Chilean Merlot juice bucket with a lug each of Merlot, Cab Sauv and Malbec. Haven't taken a pH or TA number...
  20. ceeaton

    New Years resolutions

    Anybody make a New Year's resolution? Anybody break it already? I did. Resolved to let my wine age fully before sampling (last night). Already crawled into my "wine sanctuary" and retrieved not one, but two bottles of my Spring Chilean Merlot blend (bordeaux type) for sampling. At least...