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    What’s your 5 yr winemaking plan??

    I'll probably keep a similar pace on the winemaking side of the house. 4-5 kits per year, plus some smaller batches of fruit wine. I might add a white juice bucket in the next couple years to start working towards all-grape batches. The plan is to add some ciders to the mix this year and a...
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    Variable Capacity Tank Sale at Adventures in Homebrewing

    That's what I wasn't sure of. Did you get a quote from them? Looks like they are based out of Michigan, so it might be better for others, if they are closer by. I always try to shop local, if the prices are relatively close, but I thought this might be an exception for someone in the market.
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    Variable Capacity Tank Sale at Adventures in Homebrewing

    I'm never sure where to put threads like this, but saw what looked to be a pretty good deal on some stainless steel tanks at AIH. Sizes from 100L all the way to 1000L. They're 26% off. The site says they'll call you with a shipping quote, so that should be factored in too. I've always been...
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    Post your labels here

    I like it. The colors, the leaves, and the shape are all great. It probably is the engineer in me, but the balance seems a bit off though. Maybe move the date to the upper-right? Or put the ABV there? I'm often told that things don't always have to be balanced though. Art has never been my...
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    Inkbird Giveaway for Temperature Controller ITC-308

    With the way the controller works, with a 1* differential, it would have spent a fair bit of time at 72.3 and below. With a higher differential it would have been even longer. You might have been catching it during those lulls. I bet it was working just fine. Just remember to cover it well...
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    Inkbird Giveaway for Temperature Controller ITC-308

    Your earlier post said you wanted to keep it around 72. What did you end up setting it at? With a 62* basement, it might have never made it past 72.3* if set at 72*. It doesn't run continuously at the setpoint. It will turn the heater on/off once it gets outside of the differential value you...
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    Inkbird Giveaway for Temperature Controller ITC-308

    A tube sealed on one end that you slide your probe into and place in the must/wine. What were your set points? How did you log the temperatures or did you just go with the highest number you saw?
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    Inkbird Giveaway for Temperature Controller ITC-308

    Can you give a little more detail about how you set it up? Where did you set up the temperature probe? In a thermowell? Taped to the outside? If you did the latter, did you cover the probe in order to get a more accurate reading? What were your controller set points?
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    Canned Pilsner

    I use tap water exclusively for brewing and have never boiled, including 2+ gallons of top off water after doing extract batches. I must have good local water since I've never had a problem. I've definitely heard of people using Campden tablets 24 hours in advance and then build their water...
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    20% off Fermonsters

    A blog I follow has a 20% off Fermonsters at MoreBeer for followers. It is called Homebrew Finds. Not all of the deals they post are very good, but some are worth checking out. Code is MONSTER20HBF. I'll assume you'll start reading their stuff if you use the code to keep it all copacetic.
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    Canned Pilsner

    I'm sure it will make fine beer. You can save even more time if you cut your steep to 20 minutes and 160F. If you really want to do a mini-mash you can add some base grains (like 2 row) or enzymes to get conversion. Steeping should be just fine though for your method though. Also, I know what...
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    Canned Pilsner

    Unless you added the proper enzymes, you steeped (not mashed - Crystal will not convert on its own) and at a very high temperature and for a very long time. Any reason you chose 175 or the full hour? 175 might result in tannin extraction, especially for a full hour. You generally get all of the...
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    WineXpert Italian Pink Pinot Grigio by Winexpert

    Also at LP,
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    Corks Don't Breathe

    Interesting angle. There are so many variables that need to be considered. I think I've stated it elsewhere before, but a wine version of the Brulosopher would be great, but the long timeframes needed for wine vs. beer make it very, very difficult.
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    This wine sucks! Are you trying to kill me???

    It seems some people could use a reality check every so often (and some more frequently than that).
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    Which yeast for Shiraz in scorching hot climate

    I'm sorry, but the source has zero validity and the temperatures listed are inaccurate for anything except perhaps very specific strains of yeast. It is misleading to post it and intellectually dishonest to try to use it as a reference in a discussion on wine yeast. Your posts have a...
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    Which yeast for Shiraz in scorching hot climate

    I don't know about you, but I don't often make decisions based on a single random internet post. Not to mention, it doesn't say anything about wine yeast at all, and claims that optimal fermentation temperature for "yeast" is 95F. 95F is definitely hot enough to kill off most beer yeasts, so...
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    Wine Cellar Build Thread

    That looks fantastic!
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    WineXpert Selection Amarone w/Skins Extended Maceration

    I usually check earlier in the day, but had a couple things going on early at work. The MoreBeer, MoreWine, MoreCoffee combined cart trick is handy for meeting the free shipping minimum. Plus, they're one of the few places I can find Fermaid.
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    WineXpert Selection Amarone w/Skins Extended Maceration

    The 7.9 gallon Speidel is the MoreBeer Deal of the Day. Only 1 left. $49.99 with free shipping if you order $59+. If you log in to your account, you can combine carts with MoreWine to reach the minimum.