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    Juice Bucket Additives

    Actually, I've never done MLF. I've read many of the trials and tribs folks go thru for their red wines and MLF, and I just never thought it was really necessary on a white wine. Battonage was just an experiment to try to up the buttery factor. I was fine with my acid totals, and MLF is done...
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    Juice Bucket Additives

    I've used these for the first time in my 2016 California buckets. Too soon to really have any results, but I do have some notes to offer. First, MLF is generally only used on Chardonnay so Booster blanc would be good for chard or other rare white you plan to MLF. Also, only a few varieties...
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    Dragon Blood.... 1 gallon measurements?

    Most folks who work with gallons use campden tabs because it is easier for gallons. One does have to crush them tho so I still prefer the granular Kmeta. I understand what you have in your spoon just doesn't seem worthwhile, but it is crucial. Several of our sponsors here sell very tiny...
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    Broken Carboy !!

    Bill, I made a shaped mat for my sink out of about 4 layers of that shelf liner rubber sewn together with thin fishing line. It drapes well over the front lip of the sink, extends over the bottom and up both sides. I only use that when cleaning carboys but I keep a couple plastic liners in the...
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    Blueberry still fermenting ?

    I had one instance of major airlock action starting after wine was more than a year old. It had been in plastic bubblers until I racked into glass for the first time. Once it hit glass my guess is it could not expand and contract a bit with the weather, and a passing storm front made the...
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    Broken Carboy !!

    So sorry to hear of this. I had something similar happen about 6 months back. 5 gallons of Pinot grigio that was just ready to bottle. I had damp hands from sanitizing and dropped an empty 2.5 gallon carboy on the full 5 gallon one. 5 gallon broke almost at the middle and I had a PG river...
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    Banana Wine Recipe # 2

    Winemanden This thread is a couple years old. If Allie is winebrewer, she hasn't posted since about the time of that prior post. Thought I'd mention it in case you are trying the recipe and waiting for an answer here. Pam in cinti
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    WineXpert LE Vermentino

    Geek, no guarantees but I once did 12 gallons of chardonnay (2 juice buckets) with one pkg of QA23. I had a standby diff variety ready if it slowed down but it never did. Pam in cinti
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    Do I need to cover carboy?

    Boxes help prevent stuff from banging against a carboy. It might not break immediately, but little cracks develop over time and it can fracture with little warning. Covers are to keep light out of aging wine. I believe light causes taste and color change. Of course some folks might just be...
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    Wine is changing color in secondary (getting darker)

    Everybody has good suggestions that could help. I did not ask, but you should be adding 1 campden tab per 3 months to help prevent oxidation. It' won't fix what is there, but it won't get worse. Bernard is a smart thinker, and it could indeed help to age longer (stressbaby kind of said that...
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    Wine is changing color in secondary (getting darker)

    Yes, I think you have some oxidation happening. It happens quickly in small jugs. I believe your wine should be transforming from the original brick red color to a pink tinged apple juice color. I've had lots of wines go thru that change. But it looks more brownish now. It is not ruined...
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    RJ Spagnols Gran Cru Pinot Noir (Progress and Questions)

    Clarification. If you were not racking to bucket in order to bottle I'd probably comment that adding kmeta again after just 2 weeks to remove from gross lees might be a bit too much. But I suspect your next racking to bucket will use up that extra kmeta so it will still need that final dose at...
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    RJ Spagnols Gran Cru Pinot Noir (Progress and Questions)

    My opinion is that your plans are fine for additions etc. I am not a kit maker, nor a red wine lover, so while my impulse is to say 3 months isn't long enough to really let the wine come around to its best, it is long enough for your wine to recover from bottle shock, which hasn't been...
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    RJ Spagnols Gran Cru Pinot Noir (Progress and Questions)

    Hi Wyatt you've done some very good work here plowing thru all those messages. I really relate with your final questions because my personal method was just like yours, and my questions were the same. in short, yes sulphite is meta. Probably Kmeta, as that should be what the kitmakers are...
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    RJ Spagnols Citrus Hint

    Joe and Jim, thanks for posting this. I never really understood what cello was. Now i have a whole new batch of flavors to experiment with. Pam in cinti
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    Recipe and Equipment Help

    Hi Morgan I've never used Vintners Harvest, but I've read lots of posts of folks who have. You control how much sugar you put in until you reach the desired beginning specific gravity that if fermented to dry will produce the alcohol percentage you desire in your final product. That sounds...
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    RJ Spagnols Citrus Hint

    Or easiest yet use the zest to make an extract. Using a glass jar with tight fitting lid fill partway with vodka or everclear, add the zest and let it sit for a month or two. The zest settles to the bottom, and you can pour the clear liquid on top into another clean container. That's is your...
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    What are you making and what have you made ???

    Wow, sgx2, I am sincerely impressed by the wide selection of fruit wines you have created. I'd love to hear impressions of what some of the more unusual fruits taste like in a wine. Also some background on what makes a wine a goat wine. Why is cranberry a disaster and peach magic? What...
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    Orange Skeetet Pee?

    Bernard, according to Jack Keller's webpage oranges contain citric acid, not malic. As such, I don't think using 71B yeast would really help cut acid as 71B works for malic acid only. At least that's my understanding. courtesy of Jack Keller and his...
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    Question on "topping off"

    Cowboy77, it looks to me like she left a long handled spoon in the carboy, and the pic is taken with the convex side of the spoon facing towards the camera. Threw me for a moment too, Pam in cinti