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  1. vinobrotha

    White wine turned pink

    I bottled my Viognier last week. I sterilized the bottles with starsan . Used a counter pressure bottle filler purging the bottles with argon before filling. The wine has the same great taste but lost its straw yellow color. Help!
  2. vinobrotha

    What's in your glass tonight?

    I’m sampling my Sonoma Valley petit verdot that was harvested out of Glen Ellen after the nuns fires. Definitely smoky but good
  3. vinobrotha

    What's in your glass tonight?

    Enjoying a 2012 Campana Ranch Petit Verdot tonight
  4. vinobrotha

    What's in your glass tonight?

    I’m tastings sample of my petit verdot I harvested after the nuns fires in Glen Ellen. Definitely some smoke taint influences in a good way. Cheers,
  5. vinobrotha

    Thoughts on my label

    Story behind the label is some friends and I harvested on a hot morning. The bees were nesting in the ripe grape clusters. Out of the three of us who harvested 10 bee stings were received. Ain’t that a [emoji219]-itch! Thoughts?
  6. vinobrotha

    Wine Maker International Amateur Wine Competition

    I got a surprise in the mail found out my Zin that took a double gold at the Sonoma County harvest fair also got gold in my first international wine competition. Woot!
  7. vinobrotha

    Doing a Happy Dance

    I would be twerking if that was me under those circumstances.
  8. vinobrotha

    When to Open Bottle?

    Well you can alway invest $300 towards a coravin and sample 1 bottle month by month or year by year while never having to remove the cork.
  9. vinobrotha

    I just press and Zin

    I pressed 1000lbs of Zin the barrel is 5 inches from being full is it safe to use distilled water or should I just grabe some jugs of Zin for topping.
  10. vinobrotha

    Your Numbers

    Praise Dionysus
  11. vinobrotha

    Sonoma County Harvest Fair wine Competition

    I found out my 2014 Viognier took a gold medal at the amateur wine competition. I only made 2.5 cases of it now friends and family want a bottle. I wish I made more.
  12. vinobrotha

    Your Numbers

    My last years vintage was 26 brix finished with abv of 14.7% tasted good and balance. 14% 15% abv is not uncommon for Viognier. That's all you will find Paso Robles
  13. vinobrotha

    Your Numbers

    Yes a gallon of acidulated water got it down to 26 brix
  14. vinobrotha

    Your Numbers

    1. Viognier 2. Sonoma Valley AVA 3. Whole fruit 4. 30 brix 5. Ph 3.4 6. TA .9
  15. vinobrotha

    High Brix white Wine grapes

    Will do. I just got through crushing the brix are actually at 31
  16. vinobrotha

    High Brix white Wine grapes

    Today I will be harvesting 100lbs of Sonoma Valley Viognier. I was hoping for 24-25 brix but after a few hot days the grapes jumped to 27 brix. I was planning on using qa23 yeast strain but wondering if I should use a different yeast due to the brix. Also do I add water or just let nature take...
  17. vinobrotha

    Your Numbers

    1. Pinot Noir 2. Sonoma Coast AVA, Sonoma County 3. Whole Fruit 340 lbs 4. 24 Brix 5. PH 3.3 6 . TA .9
  18. vinobrotha

    Your Numbers

    1. Zinfandel 2. Russian River Valley AVA Sonoma County 3. Whole fruit 330 lbs 4. Brix- 27 5. PH 3.4 6. TA .9
  19. vinobrotha

    Sulfiting crushed grape must vs juice must

    When Sulfiting crushed grape must do I add potassium metabisulfite by volume of grape must or by calculate volume of wine?
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