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  1. NCWC

    Residual Sugar Testing

    Has anyone tried using a glucometer to test RS?
  2. NCWC

    Homemade vs. Commercial and what I am doing to close the gap

    Whites wines a lot less here is the table for red and white. I personally would never go over 63 no matter the pH. Table pH Desired So2 2.90 11 3.00 13 3.10 16 3.20 21 3.30 26 3.40 32 3.50 40 3.60 50 3.70 63 3.80 79 3.90 99 4.00 125
  3. NCWC

    Homemade vs. Commercial and what I am doing to close the gap

    I rack about 24 hours after press then I ML. Then I rack in 3 weeks. Then in 3 weeks I rack to barrels and add SO2 but I store in barrels with a 25ppm of so2. Make small acid adjustments (.1 .2 up or down) during barrel aging. Then I stage to bottle in a stainless steel tank and do final SO2...
  4. NCWC

    Homemade vs. Commercial and what I am doing to close the gap

    Not sure of your age but here in Ohio if you are 60+ you can take up to 20 hours of a college course. There is Vesta which is online, take Cellar Operations, and you get to intern at a winery and learn 1st hand about Winemaking. I am in the Kent State enology program, but I am paying for the...
  5. NCWC

    Stacking Cases Barrel Room

    I am a new urban winery We opened about Dec I have a wine storage problem. My Barrel room has temp and humidity controls and we keep our finished wine in there by the case. I am running out of floor space and it is a challenge to find the right cases they are...
  6. NCWC

    New Lab Filter

    What brand of filter is it? what is the micron of filtration
  7. NCWC


    Checked the brix Friday already at 22.2 brix ta is 7.2 may be ready by Tue Wed
  8. NCWC


    Appassimento II We got 1000 lbs Pinot Noir from Kingsville near Grand River Valley OH Brix 20.5 pH 3.31 didn't do TA yet. Would like to get the brix over 23 and push 24. I like a bolder Pinot like Russian River CA, Willamette Valley is nice but I always go back to the River. He is a pic of the...
  9. NCWC

    Mold on oak barrel bung

    spray with 75 everclear 25 water mix
  10. NCWC


    Got the Ebulliometer in an auction for about $300 Cadus Barrel French re-coup $400
  11. NCWC


    Appassimento in a barrel for 8 months now ABV 16.3% PH 3.75 TA 5.8 taste fantastic smoothing out nicely
  12. NCWC

    How Long Do You Wait Before Drinking?

    I always take about 1/3 of what I make and stash it If you can wait for 3 -4 years the wine really matures But this is what it is supposed to do!
  13. NCWC

    Washington State grape production down in 2017, Cabernet continues to dominate

    We have been sourcing more and more of your grapes from Washington and Oregon, CA is just getting too expensive
  14. NCWC

    Using oak chips at fermentation

    This is late to the thread but did you do a basket press on these with chips? I would think it foul up a bladder press
  15. NCWC

    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    Which one?
  16. NCWC

    Tartaric vs Malolatic acid

    I always only put in 1/2 of an addition and wait a week or so I should have "touched this up" before I CS, but life got in the way
  17. NCWC

    Tartaric vs Malolatic acid

    Not the appassimento this is a Sav Blanc 50 gal I would not use Malic on a wine that went through MLF I know that much
  18. NCWC

    Tartaric vs Malolatic acid

    I have an acid addition question. I have a Sav. Blanc the pH is 3.65 it tastes great but is flat I already did heat and cold stabilization. I did bench trials 3.30 pH.with tartaric and malic acid. The malic version came out fantastic. My question are, 1. is there a downside to using malic acid...
  19. NCWC

    Primary fermentation with or without airlock?

    I like doing cold and closed top fermentation for whites or rose` and open for reds
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