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    Wine clubs

    Anyone know of clubs/groups of home winemakers in the SouthCoast MA region?
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    Inkbird Giveaway of ITH-20 Series Digital Hygrometer and Thermometer

    USA ITH-20R with 3 Transmitter
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    Anyone Growing Marquette Grapes?

    I had a merqutte vine that I thought was dead. I had some UV tubes so placed one around the vine I thought I lost. It did begin regrgowing. If you place such a tube around the vine it may regrow at a faster rate than just waiting for nature to run its course. I got mine through the mail from...
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    What are you making and what have you made ???

    Made a cranberry wine from 100 percent juice. It was extemely tart - like sucked your whole face in! However, as a recovery experiemnt we mixed a 750ml bottle of the wine with one liter of mandarin flavored sparkling water, threw in cut up apples, pears, even pineaplle and had a very enjoyable...
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    Black Currant Wine

    For the most part wine recipes are linear. If you have a 6-gallon recipe then cut everything in half for three gallons. If you have a 1-gallon recipe then triple everything. The one thing you may not need to adjust is yeast as many recipes will use a full packet for everything from 1-gallon...
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    Sometimes bad is actually good.....

    The portuguese ones might not work if you are trying to use the Bellisima style bottles.
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    Cleaning carboy

    Another cleaning question: I had an apple wine in a one gallon glass carboy for several months. When I racked it off there was a ring left at the level of the wine. I got all the crud out, but this ring is persistent. I put in b-brite and shook the heck out of it. I used a bristle brush...
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    What is best to top off a carboy if I have too much headspace

    This is from ECKraus on options based on how much needs to be topped off:
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    Cranberry Wine from Juices

    It really varies in how its made. I have seen cranberry juice cut with apple juice, but don't know the porportions. There are some variations where it is 10% cranberry and some other white variety (though i am not sure you can call that cranberry wine). The version I made is definitely on the...
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    Dry Ice / Oxidation

    I have heard of wineries using nitrogen to top off tanks for bulk aging. I don't think it displaces all the air, but it forms a barrier layer between the surface of the wine and the air
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    Apple wine

    At 7.8% ABV it is more like a hard cider than a wine. Did you add a stabilzer to help prevent fermentation restarting? At that low it might have been better to put them into beer bottles (16 ounce) as they are a bit stronger than a wine bottled should fermentation restart.
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    When to back sweeten?

    When you move the excess into smaller bottles are you concerned at all about possible eruptions from any stray Co2 left over?
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    Fine Vine Wines Closing Their Doors

    I got my first kit, and loads of equipment through them. Always ncie on phone, even for the most basic questions.
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    Cranberry Wine from Juices

    We are trying this from juice as an experiement. We had just hand crushed 20 pounds of apples for hard cider, 6 pounds of pears for a pear wine, and when faced with crushing cranberries we opted out. As an aside, I am using this experiement, combined with hand crushing to justify buying a...
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    Cranberry Wine from Juices

    Thanks! I tend to go for the long haul with fruit wines.
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    Cranberry Wine from Juices

    Moved the crranberry to secondary when it hit 1.018. Did a quick taste and based on that exect to do some back-sweetening down the road. It is bubbling away as it degasses on its own. Will check again in a few weeks then rack again and let it clear. Am still thinking if I want to add fining...
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    Cranberry Wine from Juices

    Yesterday the SG hit 1.028. Usually I would transfer it to secondary and let it sit for a few weeks to get down to < 1.000 Then I rack it again and let it settle out - usually about three months, though if it is still cloudy I will rack it again. I don't specifically degass it, as the time...
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    Cranberry Wine from Juices

    On the 5th I wrote i had a SG of 1.12 which seemed high. I stirred the heck out of it, thinking i might have not dissolved the sugar well and was reading from the bottom where sugar was sitting. After some really heavy stirring I got a reading of 1.096 It was a slow starting fermentation as...
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    What are you making and what have you made ???

    Just started a 1 gallon batch of Cranberry wine (from juices) Currenlty in various stages of racking: 1 gallon rhubarb (from scratch) 1 gallon pear (from scratch) 3 gallons peach ice wine (an Apres Kit)
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    Cranberry Wine from Juices

    Just started it yesterday, so will have to see hwo it turns out.
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