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  1. FTC Wines

    What are you making and what have you made ???

    Yesterday we bottled 5 cases of “Black Blue C” That’s a blend of 25% Blackberry, 25% Blueberry, and 50% Cabernet. It’s awesome! It’s 2 years old and spent one year in the barrel. Concentrates came from Home Winery Supply in Dundee Mi. Roy
  2. FTC Wines

    Just Received My Eclipse Nebbiolo Kit

    We had one of our last 2015 WE Nebbiolo’s last night. It was totally awesome ! With no tweaks, sorry Joe. Our 2018 Neb is still in the carboy waiting on us to bottle, DON’T rush this one. Roy
  3. FTC Wines

    Bake or K Meta barrel staves?

    Ok, Fred thanks. My gut says bake them too. If I don’t have a lot of input the other way I’ll bake them. I’ve sanded them And drilled them so I can attach a fishing line to pull them out easily. Think they will add a lot of oak and save me a lot of Money on spirals !
  4. FTC Wines

    Bake or K Meta barrel staves?

    We have staves from a leaky barrel that only had wine in it for 3 weeks. Want to use them in our neutral barrels for extra oak. They have been dry for 6 months now. Thinking of baking them in oven to sterilize or should we do a K Meta soak or in a bucket with fumes. If you baked yours how long...
  5. FTC Wines

    Source for custom labels

    I needed labels for my sons wedding. Noon Time did a great job in a short time with a reasonable price. Roy
  6. FTC Wines

    Cleaning station

    Our winery is/was our4th bedroom. So I took the closet and made it the cleaning station. That’s a std plastic laundry tub in the middle. The back wall backs up to the garage, so I got the H & C water off the hot water heater. Had to be creative for the drain, 2” pvc along the garage wall then...
  7. FTC Wines


    We have been using tap water for over 13 years, in two different states. But there is never a chlorine smell or taste in the water. I also fill,the bucket with the faucet set to spray to aerate it a little. Roy
  8. FTC Wines

    Neutral barrel use

    I have two 40 L barrels that are coming up on being neutral, and a 23L fully neutral barrel. The 23 L barrel is for our kits. I tie some fishing line onto an oak spiral and drop it into the barrel, with a silicone bung it’s very easy to do. We change out the spiral every 3 months or so. Roy
  9. FTC Wines

    is there a real way to stay "signed in"?

    I did not have any sign in issues for years. BUT the last few weeks I have had to sign in 1-2 times a week, haven’t done anything different. Roy
  10. FTC Wines

    80L Vadai ?

    My. 2 cents. I have 2 - 40 liter Vadai barrels and a 23 liter one. I switched from 50 liter ones because they were too heavy for me to lift and they wouldn’t fit in my laundry tub. The 40 L ones fit fine and are a lot lighter. Also 2-6 gal car boys fit into a 40L with 1.4 gallons left over. For...
  11. FTC Wines

    Skeeter Pee Longevity

    A few months ago I found a 5 year old bottle of S P at my Mother in Laws. We popped it and it was very good. Nothing special was done to it. Roy
  12. FTC Wines

    Already fermenting juice buckets

    I just received a fermenting bucket of Nebbiolo, slow ferment, sg of 1.074. So I added a package of ec 118 to it and let her go. Did this last year too and no issues. The other 3 buckets were 1.092 with no fermentation. So just added the yeast. Roy
  13. FTC Wines

    blending wine

    I’ll bump this week old thread, because we have a lot of Petite Sirah, and we too would like to do a blend. So any ideas/experience? Roy
  14. FTC Wines

    Minimum maturation time for fruit wine

    Well I’ll post the opposing view. We have a few bottles of 2011 Apple & Peach Wines that are excellent! Also a 5 year old Blueberry ( made from concentrate) . We age most of our wines 2 yrs before drinking. Just sayin, Roy ps we measure SO2 and keep it in the mid range at bottling, Standard...
  15. FTC Wines

    Spiced Wine

    We use 3-4 sticks of cinnamon and only 3 ish cloves to 5 gals. Cloves can over power your apple wine very quickly. So easy to add more if desired, Not easy to get rid if you over clove. We add them when the wine is mostly clear. Roy
  16. FTC Wines

    Amarone - kit or frozen juice?

    We have C C Amarone kits that are 8, 6, 4, 2, years old and one that has just started. It’s our favorite big Red. We ferment, then year in the car boy, and a year in a barrel, then bottle. Usually start drinking at 3-4 years. Roy
  17. FTC Wines

    Wine Tasting Outdoors?

    We take a glass of wine down to our high top table on the dock. It does seem to taste better, or is it the view, company, slight breeze @ 90*, or is it we just needed another glass !! Roy
  18. FTC Wines

    Need recipe for elderberry, strawberry, blueberry

    Allison, We do a Elderberry/ Blueberry blend all the time. It’s one of our favorites. 50/50 or 60/40 either way works great. When we lived in N. Ga we used real fruit, now in SW Fl we buy concentrates of each. Not sure we would like strawberries in the mix. Real fruit # were 5-6 lbs per gal if...
  19. FTC Wines

    Blending Fruit/Grape wines

    Fence post , our fav blend is 25 Blackberry to 75 Cab. But do the trials cmason outlined to see/taste for yourself. We don’t usually back sweeten the blend, but we do backsweeten the fruit wines before we blend into the Cab. Roy
  20. FTC Wines

    Blending Fruit/Grape wines

    We blend fruit wines with grape wines all the time. Have 50 L of Blackberry/Blueberry/Cab in a barrel. Also a BlackBerry/Elderberry/Cab. A Elderberry/Cab etc etc. Did a Cherry/Cab way back when, it was great! So go for it, these are some of our fav wines. Our friends love these blends too ! Roy
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