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  1. meadmaker1

    Apple wine

    You could have cold crash the intire batch befor bottling. Depending on how large the batch, there ard a variety of ways to do this. Gallon jugs in a fridge. A dedicated fridge for carboys or i use a container that holds a carboy and i ice it. Sometimes adding salt to make colder. Some climates...
  2. meadmaker1

    Does this pump have any use in wine making?

    Another vote for vaccum pumping.
  3. meadmaker1

    Plum coming along Nicely

    If it doesnt start in a timely fashion, make a starter with same yeast. Hydrate the add sugar and fermaid k at least a qt 1t2 gallon would be better. When it gets frothy and clearly going to town add to your must.
  4. meadmaker1

    Need simple 3gal recipe

    I dont really have a recipe. Wouldnt follow it if i did. About two lbs per gallon of water and fermaid k per instructions. One over ripe banana and the juice from 1 lemon per gallon Lavin d47 or 71b yeast I have a habit of using apple juice in place of water but not always, i generally am making...
  5. meadmaker1

    Apple Cider $7.00 / Gallon

    Tart apple leave tye typical green apple flavor that is easily detectable
  6. meadmaker1

    Apple Cider $7.00 / Gallon

    Breathe dude
  7. meadmaker1

    New-Bee A Buzzin'

    Oregon South end of the willamette valley
  8. meadmaker1

    New-Bee A Buzzin'

    Welcome. Wine making will hook you the same. I too have several hives. Where in the world are you
  9. meadmaker1

    Adding fruit juice

    Abv doesnt necessarily go up by adding juice. because of volume added it can actually go lower. Sg of the juice added would need to be higher than original must to raise abv. Fermintation can change the flavor or the impact of your juice as well.
  10. meadmaker1

    Question about yeast

    I am a cheapskate not that money is an issue i just dont like to spend more that i need to, on things i don't really need,. As far as a packet being too much, i dont see that as likely. The yeast is going to multiply at a crazy rate either way so in several hours there will be far more yeast...
  11. meadmaker1

    Newbie from MN.

    Welcome to the group. I dont do kits but i would expect your must bucket to be slower than the kits. I would also guess that at three months you are pushing the limits of needed time to even complete a wine. Plenty to read here regarding kit instructions and real life applications. The...
  12. meadmaker1

    Question about yeast

    I suppose you could split it up. I don't think I'd go more than 1/2 . But yeast is $1. So I've always used full package. If it where tougher to get or I had to wait for more I would make a fair sized starter. I like to hydrate and make a starter either way so a 1/2 gallon starter instead of a...
  13. meadmaker1

    Clearing dragons blood

    Degass yes The tiny bubbles form on any surface they can, causing particles to float. Im not a big fan of clearing additives, rack again and watch the bottom of your car boy, if fallout is visible it is clearing.
  14. meadmaker1

    APV Question

    My favorite grapes are called free These are purple.
  15. meadmaker1

    APV Question

    I dont disagree with anything you just said However I picked 75 lbs of my favorite red grapes sunday they are in a brute crushed and waiting and the juice is delicious. Just like it is it could be bottled and enjoyed by everyone i know .. Yet i am determined to turn it into something that...
  16. meadmaker1

    fermentation problem

    Welcome to the world of more questions for answers. But its part of giving solid advise. Could be a simple package of yeast has you down the road for $1 Could be if your must is cold its a dollar waisted. Could be youve added potassium sorbate and your going to need to pull all the stops to get...
  17. meadmaker1

    How Much Wine Do You Drink?

    2 to 3 times a month. 1 glass to 1 bottle per setting, usually a couple glasses at dinner friday eves. Could go a month without though. There are a couple events each year that turn the math on its ear as far as averages go.
  18. meadmaker1

    fermentation problem

    What chemicals did you add.
  19. meadmaker1

    Fizzy wine

    Vacuum degassing is the way to go. Fast Clean Easy It requires an investment in a vacuum pump but they work for transfer and filtering too.
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