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  1. BernardSmith

    Bread supplies were running low

    That crumb looks quite delicious and the crust looks perfect. Gotta say that I have not bought bread in I don't remember how long. My wife and I love to bake bread.
  2. BernardSmith

    Why is my wine 'thin'?

    Some yeasts are known to be high glycerol producers and those yeasts will add greater viscosity to your wines resulting in better mouthfeel. What yeast do you tend to use?
  3. BernardSmith

    Hi everyone from upstate New York

    Hi Robvan - and welcome. I live in upstate NY - Saratoga Springs. Where are you?
  4. BernardSmith

    Corona Virus & Day to Day

    My thinking is similar to yours, 1d10t. I would have put the numbers closer to about 10-18 % but I have seen a paper written by scholars from Turkey, (published in the US) that suggested a 50% mortality rate at ICUs as standard... The paper did not suggest that the data that was being used came...
  5. BernardSmith

    Corona Virus & Day to Day

    Many thanks GreginND, The DIGG article was based on (I believe) data from recorded deaths in March and not an account of deaths per year etc which likely nvolves corrections so while the count may be subject to corrections the numbers of deaths are those deaths that were recorded and which are...
  6. BernardSmith

    Corona Virus & Day to Day

    How large is the virus and how large the particles that HEPA filters hold back? How virulent are virus cells when they are suspended in air for any length of time? How many virus cells does it take to infect a person? How many virus cells are you and I likely to encounter at any time as we are...
  7. BernardSmith

    Corona Virus & Day to Day

    N95 masks are essential if you work in a hospital and your face is inches from people both shedding and spraying viral material. You and I don't need such masks if we keep 6 feet away from everyone not in our immediate household AND we wash every time we touch something upon which someone who...
  8. BernardSmith

    Recommended Apple Spice Wine Recipe?

    While I agree that trying to resurrect a thread that is 10 years old is a lot like trying to waken a zombie... I am not sure I agree that making an apple wine is a challenge for a beginner. Not least because with care it is easy to locate gallon jugs of sweet cider (unfiltered) or apple juice...
  9. BernardSmith

    Mrs JohnT.

    On the brighter side, despite this epidemic it was wonderful that the hospital was able to use resources to operate on your wife and attend to her needs while recovering from surgery and it was fortunate that they did not have to delay the procedure because all beds and doctors and other...
  10. BernardSmith

    Corona Virus & Day to Day

    1d10t, Hmmm , I'd love to see exactly what this paper is in fact suggesting (rather than a reporter's report) but my albeit very limited understanding is that while those who are infected are shedding the virus and that their coughing and sneezing project the virus in microscopic and larger...
  11. BernardSmith

    Corona Virus & Day to Day

    Rice_Guy, I was on a conference call the other day with among other people a doctor who works in a NYC hospital treating Covid-19 patients. He said that masks for the public are not really effective in the ways that people imagine - first because the virus is essentially not airborne so the...
  12. BernardSmith

    Corona Virus & Day to Day

    From a college perspective, you want a flipped classroom when the course is online. You don't teach by lecturing. Rather you get students to read your lecture notes and source material before they come to the class and the class consists of either asynchronous or synchronous discussions. You, as...
  13. BernardSmith

    Corona Virus & Day to Day

    Perhaps this will be what we need to push local, state and federal authorities to create the services we need when disasters (man made or natural) strike us. How many school districts across the US are still in the 19th Century when it comes to technology? My wife is a HS teacher in Manhattan...
  14. BernardSmith

    Corona Virus & Day to Day

    But who "they" - people routinely self publish nonsense on the internet. The only reliable sources of information at this time are CDC, WHO, and depending on where you live your state's health office. No other source is authoritative. No other source. None. No exceptions. And the CDC , WHO and...
  15. BernardSmith

    Corona Virus

    I know we call it a city but I guess my question is what makes a city a city but a town a town... Is it simply how a community was "incorporated" ?
  16. BernardSmith

    Corona Virus

    You too. Be safe, stay well.
  17. BernardSmith

    Corona Virus

    I am in Saratoga Springs... It's a very lovely small town. Not sure if it is technically a city or what defines a city in the US. I am originally from Scotland where a city is a town with a cathedral. No cathedral, then it's a town.
  18. BernardSmith


    Hi Nicola - and welcome. Sorry that you feel that some folk on this forum don't have a lot of patience with novices. In my opinion there is no such thing as a foolish question. All questions are good. Many answers can be foolish but a question is always good. And folk need to remember that...
  19. BernardSmith

    Wine Maker Magazine Conference 2020

    Given the pandemic are these events being cancelled or what?
  20. BernardSmith

    General wine kit info

    But while every answer is good, here's the essential point: if you are asking the question, rustynail, that suggests that your experience in wine making is limited and your experience with kits may be as limited. But the thing about a kit is that the manufacturer has tested and tested and tested...
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