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    Has anyone made Wine Lovers kits?

    @Khristyjeff in post # 27 you wrote "added a blackberry f-pac". Did you make the f-pac from the 'tweaking cheap kits' thread instructions or did you buy it pre-maid? I am very interested in the WineLovers kits.
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    Where to buy New York grown grapes?

    Have you thought about Walker's Wine Juice? Not grapes but juice. They seem to have a good reputation here on WMT. Walker's Wine Juice, New York
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    Recommendations for new pH meter?

    I have an Apera PH60 meter and have had no problems with it. I also purchased the buffer and storage solutions, so the price came to about USD 100. I don't use it often but it seems to be a quality piece of gear.
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    Mystery glassware

    Looks like you could easily turn it into a bong🤣
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    MLF not progressing?

    Never give up. Use vinegar as an absolutely last resort. If you have to go to vinegar it will make a wonderful bait to go in fruit fly traps.
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    How Much Do You Give Away

    I didn't know how many friends I had until I started making wine! I probably give away about 25% and drink with friends when they come over about 25%. It is absolutely worth it!:)
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    anyone heard from Hounddawg?

    I live in the country (Pinewood, SC pop. +/- 538). All my neighbors grow figs, blueberries, peaches, pears and more. It is a point of pride that we grow and exchange the excess fruits of our labors. A lot of the excess is made into the most enjoyable country wine I have ever tasted! I do...
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    Stuck fermentation

    Do you have a hydrometer and can you measure the specific gravity? It may be possible to make another batch that ferments down to bone dry and blend the two batches
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    Florida Grapes

    I believe it is a bronze-skinned type of muscadine. Easy to grow in the hot, humid southeast.
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    Need some advice on secondary/MLF

    Welcome to WMT! This is the friendliest place on the interwebs. Listen to BernardSmith, he knows his stuff.
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    Coloma Frozen varietal grape concentrates

    My sentiments exactly, but you put it so much more succintly.
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    white grapes

    Wow!! What a bottle!
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    Cider maker in SW Missouri

    Welcome to the friendliest place on the interwebs! Country wine is my area of interest also.
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    Broken Carboy

    Any idea what could cause tanks to fail like that? Such a shame, but no use crying over spilled milk wine.
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    New to the wine making concept

    Which native fruits do you have access to? If you can get lemons, you could make 'out-of-this-world' skeeter pee.
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    Coloma Frozen varietal grape concentrates

    If I have done the math correctly, 1 quart Coloma plus 3 quarts water should equal one gallon. For a six gallon batch that would be 6 quarts Coloma or 5.68 liters per 6 gallon batch. The entry level/cheap kits (my Winexpert Classic Washington Riesling) provide 8 liters per 6 gallon batch. I...
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    How to be sure the sugars are consumed and wine is ready to degas

    It is possible that you need yeast nutrient and yeast energizer to get a good, complete ferment.
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    The itch won out...

    Sounds delicious. Do you backsweeten? to what S.G.?
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    Raspberry concentrate

    @silverbullet07 Can you taste residual sugar with these that have stuck at 1.010 ? I am "Coloma curious"